Simple Way to Repair Corrupt ZIP File

In certain scenarios, computer bugs and harmful viruses are unsafe for our files. They might simply damage our files and make them damaged or unusable. If a ZIP file is corrupted by virus infection then it becomes inaccessible and not able to be extracted. ZIP file is type of compressed file, which is safest approach to reduce size of file, store and send them over local network. Among other compressed files, ZIP file uses secure algorithms in order to compress files and folders safely. This technique is wide used because it reduces the file size and doesn’t alter the data.

However, ZIP file is helpful in many ways but the drawback is that occasionally it gets corrupted or broken and data available in it becomes inaccessible. Usually, you extract data from ZIP file and get terminated in the half way showing an error message as “The Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted. A ZIP file can get corrupted or damaged due to various reasons. Let’s quickly go through some more scenarios how ZIP is corrupted.

Causes due to which ZIP file is corrupted

  • ZIP files are prone to corruption or even broken files while downloading through internet. Network problem or bad network connection may damage these files effortlessly.
  • It happens that you open a ZIP file or extract data from it, if any kind of power failure then the file is broken resulting in inaccessible data.
  • Because of file system corruption, all files including ZIP archive become inaccessible and it might lead to error messages getting displayed.

For those who are facing such scenarios, no need to worry. As ZIP Repair Tool is developed by experts, which helps you to fix all kinds of corruption in ZIP file and retrieve them safely. If you want to learn about the repair process, watch this video:

Characteristics of ZIP Repair Tool

ZIP Repair Tool is an effective tool, which performs easy recovery of files from bad archives. This software has strong algorithms, which repairs damaged ZIP files due virus infection, sudden system shut down, power failure, etc. By using this tool, you can repair ZIP files on storage devices like flash drive, external drives, thumb drives and other storage devices. It can even fix a large broken ZIP file of size more than 4GB. With the help of this repair utility, you are able to repair corrupted ZIP files owing to CRC error. If any interruption during download of ZIP and ZIPX files, it is possible to fix them without any difficulty. While performing the repair process, you can use preview option to check the data prior to saving it on laptop or any storage device. You can repair a ZIP file on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 and 2003.