How to Recover Data from Corrupted SanDisk Memory Card

“I have a corrupted SanDisk micro SD card with me from which I’d like to recover some of my photos. The card is completely corrupted and doesn’t identify or show any of its data. Is there a way to get all my data off it or at least recover the data from it?”

Yes, you can recover each and every data off your corrupted SD card by making use of a corrupted SD card recovery tool.

For a SanDisk SD card, you do have an SD card recovery software that is specifically designed to recover data from it.

Here is the SD card put to use to recover data from corrupted SanDisk memory card.

If you are looking to recover data from any SanDisk SD card, then you can employ the above software and get all your data off your card. This is also the most recommended application for SanDisk SD cards and can recover all the data off it regardless of what caused the card to get corrupt.

A corrupted SD card always needs to be dealt in a safe manner. It can get corrupt due to various reasons and when you discover that your card is corrupt, you need to stop using it right away. SD cards come in various storage sizes and usually contain thousands of MB’s of media files on it.

Media files are always prone to get corrupt due to viruses so the media files on your SD cards are also prone to suffer form the same. SD cards when corrupted do not respond to anything that you do to it. However, all the data from it cannot be accessed regardless of what you do to it.

The best way of accessing the data from your corrupted SD card is by recovering it from the same. Also, if you had a backup copy then you can restore all your data back. However, with no backup you are only left with one option that is recovering back all your data.

While recovering all the data from a corrupted SD card, you need to employ a software that will recognize each and every file from its memory. One such software is employed in the above video where you can be sure that all your data is recovered from it without having to fear about some files going undetected while the recovery is performed.

With a good recovery software, all your data off it can be recovered in the original form and nothing can be ever lost.

Features of the above used Corrupted SD Card Recovery Software:

  • This software supports to recover data from SD cards of all brands and storage options.
  • It makes sure that all your SD card data is recovered in the shortest amount of time.
  • The data recovered from your SD card can be saved to any folder you’d like to on your computer.
  • This software runs on all versions of Windows and Mac OS.

How to Recover Data that is not showing in SD Card?

“I have an SD card that is not showing any data that was present on it. Is there a way to get back the data not showing in SD card or is it deleted forever?”

No, the data that is not showing up on your SD card isn’t deleted from it and the same can be recovered back again. All the data that has stopped showing up on your SD card can be only recovered if you employ a SD card recovery software on your computer and run the application on your SD card.

All that you’ll have to do is just connect your SD card to your PC using a reliable card reader and run the software on it. The software will then retrieve all the data from your card in the shortest possible time.

Here’s the software used to recover data not showing on SD card.

SD cards have a high reputation for losing data from them due to various unknown reasons. All your data that is saved on your SD card needs to be always backed up. The data on the SD card can also get corrupt and stop showing up when you connect it to your mobile. SD cards come in various storage options and are primarily used for saving user data such as photos, videos and so on.

All such media files are always under threat from viruses and so on. This data can be lost from your SD card without any warning and the best way to get them back is by employing a SD card recovery software in case you don’t carry a backup for the lost data. Sometime data might stop showing up on your SD card. This constitutes to data loss as well.

All your data that stops to show on your SD card is never lost from it and will rather stay on the card until it gets overwritten in the memory. This data during its stay on the SD card can be retrieved by employing a recovery software on it. You also need to take care to see to that you don’t write any new data onto your card after losing data from it. This stops any new data from overwriting your lost data thus making it possible to successfully recover all your data back from your SD card which stopped showing up.

A few Causes for why the data stops showing on your SD card:

  • You might end up corrupting the files on your SD card by ejecting the card when it is in use. It is always recommended to remove the SD card in a safe manner from the lost device.
  • Viruses from various devices to which the card was hooked on to can get into the card and damage all the files from it. Viruses can also delete all the data from your SD card.
  • The user might delete the data accidentally and might never realize it.

Why is this software the best for recovering data that doesn’t show up on the SD card?

  • This software is known to support SD cards of all sizes and brands thus making it the only software that will guarantee a successful recovery of all your data from it.
  • It can retrieve files of all sizes and types.
  • The software requires just a few minutes to retrieve back all the data from your SD card.
  • You can save all your recovered data to a safe folder of your choice after the recovery is completed.