Data Recovery from Formatted Partition

Hard drive can be divided into several parts. Each part is known as partition. Diving hard drive into several partitions is very useful as each partition helps you to store different categories of data without any confusion.

Sometimes you might struck up with the issue on loss of data from partition. One of the common reason that lead to loss of partition is because of format operation. You might have executed the format process on partition that has stored many important files instead of formatting other unimportant partition. After this situation you will be in dilemma that whether the files from formatted partition can be recovered or else it is lost forever!! Your mind will be blocked with the query of is it possible to rescue partition data after formatting? The answer of this issue is definitely yes if you just formatted but has not written any new files on the drive partition.

How the files can be rescued from formatted partition? Hard drive maintains an index file that controls the entire files system. Formatting only changes the index files and makes the file inaccessible. Hence, even though formatted files are inaccessible, it is possible to rescue files from formatted partition with the help of a professional third party application that is named as rescue partition tool. This rescue partition program scans the entire drive and lets you easily and securely restores important files, documents, photos, images, audios and more from already formatted partition within a fraction of minutes.

Some of the factors that compels you to format partition are mentioned below

While executing reinstallation process on Windows, if provides two options namely “Upgrade” and “Custom”. If you opt for Custom then it install the OS but it erases all the programs, settings and files. Therefore it formats the whole drive partition and installs the new OS. Most of the user will be having an habit of formatting their drive partition if their system slows down or else if it is infected from viruses. If you continue to format the drive partition without having the proper backup then it leads to severe loss of file stored on it. Reformatting the drive partition while converting the file system from FAT16 / FAT 32 to NTFS or vice versa

Well, there are so many scenarios where you may end up with loss of data from formatted partition. Every issue will be having a solution. Hence you get a solution for this issue with the help of this rescue partition tool. This program successfully works to rescue data on all the major brands of hard drives that include Buffalo, Iomega, HP, LaCie, Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, SanDisk, and others. Apart from rescuing files from partition after format, you can employ this rescue partition to carry out partition recovery process to rescue files from corrupt, damaged, reformatted, or inaccessible partitions in few minutes.

Precautionary measure to be followed

Foremost thing you can do after formatting drive partition is to stop storing new file. This is because it might result in overwriting of file and make it difficult to file recovery from that partition. It is suggested to check twice that you are formatted intended partition before formatting any partition. Keep an updated backup of essential files of partition on other external storage devices.