Guidelines on How to Fix a Corrupt Word File 2013

Are looking out for a solution to fix corrupt Word file 2013? Then here’s the solution which can help you fix the issues of Word file easily

Word 2013 is a very important tool which is used by various professionals and students to create documents, thus if there is any kind of corruption to Word file then it obviously hurts. But you can rely on some third party tools which can help you fix the Word file without any difficulty. However in many cases there are less probabilities of file getting successfully repaired, this is because of the severity of Work file corruption. Nevertheless, you can use Quick Fix Word Application which is successful in many cases.

At times the Word file will not be corrupt but the application will be associated with some problem, thus trying to access the file will result in error which you might assume as Word file corruption. In this situation you can rely on some troubleshooting steps to fix the issues.

Troubleshooting Steps – Microsoft Office

  • Make sure your Microsoft application has the latest updates installed which can often fix the issues and bugs associated with MS Office
  • There are many situations where your application might not work properly; in this situation a restart of the computer can be handy
  • You can repair the application by following this path Start > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > select the office product > click change > Quick Repair > Repair or Online Repair > Repair
  • Try to reinstall the MS Office suite; at times this might solve the issue
  • Microsoft has its own repair tool (Microsoft Fix it) to fix the corruption associated with Microsoft Office

Why to use Quick Fix Word?

The most adorable feature of this tool is that it repairs the file in read only mode, due to which there is no harm to the original file after repair. However in the process of repair the tool extracts the repaired file out of corrupt file, making it easier to access the tool once again.

Interactive wizards help you make the repair process easier. Thus any novice user can easily handle the tool to fix Word 2013 file

Key Features of Quick Fix Word Application

  • It can repair DOC and DOCX files
  • Repairs the file which prompts an error while accessing
  • Repairs and recovers the attributes associated with the file
  • You can use the tool on following operating systems: Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008
  • Can repair the file that are affected by Macros viruses

Factors Resulting in Corruption of Word File

Header is the common reason associated with the Word file corruption, however there are many other reasons too which can lead to corruption

  • CRC error, improper conversion and compression techniques
  • Incorrect configuration and settings may also lead to corruption of Word file
  • Shared file editing has more probabilities of file corruption

The simplest way to fix Microsoft Word document

Microsoft Word is the best text editor. MS Word facilitates everyone to keep up their text in many styles like bulleting to indicate important points, even you can use numbering, large number of different font style, text highlight color etc. This tool allows you to transfer the files over internet and let you to view design. There are many more mailing options inside it which helps you to easily upload and download Word documents. Word files have different extension which differs from the version in the systems, they are .doc, .docx. This application comes along with the package of MS office. There are different versions of Word available in market like Word 2003, 2007, 2000, and 2010. Among this Word 2010 is the latest one.

Because of all these advanced qualities you can make a document in text and other graphical features. Therefore, many organizations opt to use Microsoft Word for creating the professional documents to improve information sharing and convey data. Apart from these advantages there are some disadvantages of MS Word. Sometimes the MS Word files may get corrupted due to many reasons like corruption due to macro viruses, abrupt shutdown of the system, may be due to improper installation of the software. If at all your MS Word document is corrupted and facing such kind of a situation you can fix the problem with Microsoft Word in an easily way, by just installing the Best Microsoft Word Repair software you can repair it.

Common scenarios due to which Microsoft Word document gets corrupted:

Virus attack: Viruses are commonly called as bugs that can cause complete destruction in the Word document by infecting and injecting its own code into the programs. They can infect your saved Word document file and cause header corruption to delete the data from file and add some extra junk information on the file. They are most commonly spread through the network when file sharing or when you download a file from untrusted sites.

Round Tripping: Sometimes it becomes essential to perform round tripping on documents created and saved. Round tripping is a technique where a word file is converted to some other document format like HTML and again back to the Word format. It is done to improve the look and format of documents for sharing. But during these types of conversions you may sometimes end up damaging the Word file that results in loss of Word documents.

Improper usage: If you use a pirated tool to compress or archiving the data present in the Word file, then it may result in corruption of files enormously, which lead to complete deletion and sometimes MS Word document corruption may also happen.

Prominent features of the best Microsoft Word repair software:

  • This application can repair Word document as well as recover doc files which may decline to open due to corruption.
  • Whenever repair process is over, you can preview it and also can be recovered from the corrupted Word files.
  • This Software is compatible with all Windows versions like Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008.
  • This utility can repair and recovers text, formatting, fields including hyperlinks from corrupt DOC files