Best Tool to Repair Scanpst

Scanpst is known as Inbox repair software. It is an application that comes along with the MS Outlook. Scanpst tool, as the name implies, it scans and repairs damaged or corrupted Outlook PST file. This PST file stores all the attributes of Outlook application that includes emails, tasks, calendars, journals, etc. These files are stored in one common file with .pst file extension. If this Outlook PST file gets corrupted because of any reasons then you cannot access your MS Outlook profile.

Have you ever experienced PST file inaccessibility problem on your Outlook application? Do any error messages pertaining damage always come up while working on Outlook? Well, all these are the signs that your PST file has gone corrupted and needs a quick repair solution. What will you do at such instances? At this point of time, the foremost thing that you look for is Scanpst tool on your system. Scanpst program is considered as the first-aid kit when you come across any sort of corruption issues on MS Outlook. But the most important thing you must know is, this Scanpst tool working is limited as it can only fix PST file with minor corruption. If your PST file is severely damaged then you can overcome this issue with the aid of this repair Scanpst software that effectively helps in repairing Scanpst file within few minutes.

Some of the factors which are responsible for the corruption of PST file are mentioned below

  • Outlook PST file stored on the server or transferred over the network are likely to get corrupted. Hence it is necessary to store them on the local computers.
  • If the Microsoft Outlook is terminated unexpectedly while it is performing any read/write operation because of power failure or switch off the system by pressing power button then PST file might get corrupted.
  • Corruption of PST file due to intrusion of deadly viruses.
  • Other reasons like file header corruption, upgradation of MS Office, oversized PST file, etc leads to the corruption of PST file.

Because of above cases MS Outlook generates different types of error messages that generally appear on the screen. When you try to access PST file, save contacts, send emails, etc you may encounter some error message and become unable to access important PST file. Some of the common error messages are mentioned:”Unknown error has occurred. 0×80040116”, “file cannot be accessed due to data error”, “file could not be found error”, “file has become oversized”, etc. You can overcome corruption issue on Outlook with default inbox repair tool. But in case of major Outlook PST file corruption like header file corruption it become difficult to repair Outlook corruption and errors through Scanpst repair tool. Therefore it is recommended to use this third party repair Scanpst toolkit.

More about repair Scanpst utility

Repair Scanpst program is the most powerful PST repair tool. This toolkit is equipped with powerful scanning algorithm that helps in repairing damaged PST files and restore on the desired location.  This application offers an easiest way to fix oversized issue of the PST file. Repair Scanpst tool supports different versions of Outlook like Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, etc.