MOV Repair Software to Repair Corrupted or Damaged .mov Files

Hello everyone! Yesterday night I tried to download a MOV video file. It was almost completed, unfortunately it my mobile phone has switched due to low battery. After switching on it, I tried to play that downloaded MOV file, but it shows an error notification stating that “file could not be played”. Since it is a large sized MOV video, I can not download that once again. Can anybody suggest me a solution to perform MOV repair?”

MOV is a well known video file format used to play both audio and video in a synchronized manner. Most of the media players supports MOV file format. But in some cases, the files could not be accessed or played properly. It may be due to the corruption of the MOV video file. If your MOV file got corrupted, you can repair MOV video file using MOV File Repair tool to fix this problem without any further damage. There are many reasons for MOV video file corruption. If you are still wondering how to fix your MOV file, check this out to know more about MOV file repair. 

Some of the Common Scenarios for MOV file damage.

Interruption while File Conversion: Say for example, you are converting your MOV file to MP4 file format using some unauthorized third party tool. At that time, there are possibilities for your file to be get corrupted.

Improper Download: Imagine, you are downloading an MOV file. Due to network failure or power failure, your download has failed before completion. At that time, the MOV file were downloading may get damaged.

CODEC Error: CODEC is an important thing, that is required to play an audio or a video file. It also allows you to encode your RAW files. This codec may get corrupted sometimes. This may cause your video to not play properly.

Error in Extracting Compressed File: Assume that you have an archived video file. At the time of extracting the file, due to several reasons your file may get damaged.

Attributes of This Repair Tool:

File from different types of hard disk like IDE, SCSI, SATA and flash memory cards can also be fixed with the help of this MOV File Repair software. While repairing the software, this tool does not make changes to your original file. Instead of changing the source file, it extracts the data from that file, fixes it and creates a fresh copy of that repaired file. You can store you fixed files in a desired location. Video files which are having the problems of unsynchronized audio and video can also be fixed with the help of this tool.

Repairing Cycorder MOV File on Windows

MOV is a video file format which contains both audio and video files in its container. It is compatible on all the latest versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. It can be played on any media players like Windows media player, VLC media player, QuickTime player etc. MOV and MP4 files use the same MPEG-4 format and they are interchangeable on QuickTime environment. .mov is the extension for MOV files that is used by QuickTime media software distributed by Apple Inc. Most of the movie and video files are available on the net and one can download these files in .mov format. As the size of these files is larger the chance of files getting corrupt is higher. There are various scenarios wherein your MOV files will become corrupt leading to inaccessible.

Scenarios where Cycorder MOV files will get corrupt are:-

Improper or incomplete download of Cycorder MOV files over the net leads to its corruption. When you record MOV video in your digital camera when it is in the low battery state, then it will corrupt the Cycorder MOV file. Cycorder MOV files will get corrupt due to severe virus infection, operating system corruption, file system corruption and some other issues in Windows platform leading to inaccessible of the MOV files. Improper conversion of any video file to MOV format will result in its corruption and you can’t able to access the file. Creation of bad sectors on the hard drive where MOV file will be stored will prone to file corruption. Any sort of interruption like sudden power outage while converting MOV file to some other file format and vice versa will lead to Cycorder MOV file corruption. Opening Cycorder MOV files on unsupported media players other than QuickTime will corrupt the header of the MOV file and the data part becomes inaccessible. Unexpected shut down of the system due to power failure while accessing the movie file will damage the file leading to inaccessible of the MOV file. Using inappropriate compression techniques to compress your Cycorder movie files will also corrupt them.

Solution to repair your corrupted MOV file:

Whenever your MOV file has become inaccessible due to its corruption then you need some third party application to fix the issues. Cycorder MOV file Repair on Mac is one such trusted third party application to repair your corrupted Cycorder MOV file and get access to it very easily. The repair technique used by MOV File Repair tool is unique when compared to other MOV repair applications. It scans the corrupted Cycorder MOV file and fixes the issues very quickly just within a matter of few seconds. This software has inbuilt strong algorithms which helps to scan and repair the corrupted Cycorder MOV file very easily. It provides free demo version to its customers. You can download the trial version of the tool and run on your Windows system. If you are satisfied with the result purchase the licensed version of the application and fix the issues without any difficulty. It provides very simple user interface so that anyone can handle the tool on windows PC very easily without any difficulty. Sometimes your processor won’t synchronize audio and video codec at a time due to which you may face 0.2 to 0.3 seconds delay in audio. This ensures that your Cycorder MOV file has been damaged.

Extraordinary features of MOV File Repair software:

This program is compatible on all the latest versions of Windows operating systems including Windows 8, Windows 7, and Vista. It can fix very large sized MOV file very quickly just within few seconds. It supports for video codec such as avc1, mp4v and mjpeg. This application supports for even audio codec like RAW, sowt and mp4a. It can fix corrupted, damaged MOV and MP4 files which are unplayable in QuickTime on your Windows system. It provides automatic repair option that will separate audio and video streams and after fixing it will combines the repaired audio and video streams to create playable MOV file. You can view the repaired MOV files by using “Preview” option in the demo version of the tool itself and evaluate the performance of the tool.  You can save the repaired process in the trial version only by selecting “Save” option. But unless you purchase the licensed version of the application you can’t use the repaired MOV files. It supports fixing of MOV files on HFS, HFS +, FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS 5 formatted hard drives and it even fixes the corrupted MOV files on different types of hard drive interfaces like SCSI, IDE, PATA, SATA etc.

MOV File Repair application can fix the corrupted MOV files stored in all the portable storage devices like thumb drives, external hard drives, memory cards, SD cards, Micro SD cards etc. It has the capability to scan and fix the corrupted MOV files very safely and securely so that same picture quality is retained even after fixing the MOV files.

Why MOV File Repair Tool?
Many MOV Repair tools are available in the market out of which MOV Cycorder File Repair should be your first choice as it has many merits when compared to other tools and they are:-
1.    It is cost effective tool as it is available at very reasonable price in the market
2.    It provides very simple user interface so that even a new user can handle the tool without any difficulty
3.    It provides free customer support and it is completely free from virus and malwares as it is digitally signed

Some useful tips:
1.    Use power backup utility like UPS in order to avoid sudden shut down of the system while playing movie file to prevent its corruption
2.    Regularly scan your movie files with the updated antivirus application to avoid corruption of files from deadly virus
3.    Don’t remove the external storage device while transferring MOV files from Windows computer to data storage device or vice versa