Repair Broken AVI Files

AVI file is launched by Microsoft which is widely used for playing videos. AVI file combines both audios as well as video streams to play video seamlessly. It is supported by many of the media players which is available today and can be played on all popular devices like cell phones, Laptops, etc. This AVI file is platform independent that means the AVI file can be played effortlessly on Mac. However, AVI file stored on the Mac operating system gets broken and it annoys the users. In this article, you learn what are the causes that result in broken AVI files and the ways of repairing broken AVI files without any difficulty.

Issues responsible for broken AVI file

In spite of having all the necessary codec installed on your PC, video files may still fail to play due to broken AVI file. Usually, this broken AVI file refuses to play on any media player and if it plays does not allow seeking because of missing index header. This issue is often common occurrences while using the multipart download manager that splits the file and fetches them from different connections which could result in corrupted frames. Many times the device on which you recording your video files might have low memory space. You might not have noticed it and continue recording video that results in broken AVI file. There will be chances of AVI getting broken if the storage drive on which you saved AVI files contains bad sectors. AVI files can be broken if there are sudden power fluctuations in power while watching or moving videos from one storage media to other.

Therefore by all these issues, your AVI file has broken and you cannot access the files or view its video content. There is no need to get worried as this is not the end of your AVI file. Just forget about the reasons as for and think only to repair broken AVI file to get your AVI file fixed with ease. In the sense, there is nothing much you need to here. Fortuitously, you have a simple to use a utility like fix broken AVI file Mac to fix these common AVI file issues. Fix AVI file tool uses a number of tricks to repair broken AVI files. Every user expects from the AVI repair software is few simple mouse clicks. Once you load the broken AVI repair software, it automatically fixes the errors and outputs the playable file for you. AVI repair tool helps you to repair corrupted AVI files on Mac operating system within few minutes.

Follow some of the important tips to avoid broken AVI file

  • Save all your important AVI files on multiple storage drives. This would be a good source of back up
  • Never open your AVI files with unknown third party applications
  • Get an updated antivirus application on your Mac system so that there is no virus infection