Methods to Achive Perfect Data Recovery from Secure Digital Cards

Secure Digital cards are compact form of data storage devices. No doubt that these data storage cards are widely accepted by people today its great acceptance is mainly due to its compact and non volatile nature. Now a days it is very common that SD cards are used in mobile phones and cameras for data storage. It can store any type of data and it is able to retrieve the data whenever required. Most of the people might have faced this strange situation where error messages like “no memory card detected”, “no file found”. Similar kind of error messages gets displayed when we try to access the memory card from phone or camera. The reason behind this varies according to situations. Its better to have a brief idea on different causes for data loss and memory card corruption that prevent user from accessing its data

  • There will be huge number of files present in the memory card and it can be image files, video files, audio files or other personal documents. In many occasions the human mistakes may lead to deletion of unexpected data, deletion of more than one file or even results in formatting of the SD card
  • Data loss may occur if memory card is abruptly removed from the mobile phone or camera while transfer of data is taking place. Un mounting of memory card from computer during file exchange also can result in data loss.
  • There are many chances of virus attack in our memory card. Data received from a non secured source, virus affected devices will surely result in virus infection to the memory card.
  • Switching off mobile or camera during data transfer may result in loss of data or corruption of data present in SD card
  • Using same SD card in various devices without formatting the cards when connecting to the new device. This practice may result in data loss or corruption of memory card

These are some scenarios that show the importance of data card recovery in order to restore our valuable data e which may have lost due to any of the reasons shown above. If we search for SD card recovery software, it is sure that 100s of applications are flooded on our computer screen. Then how to select one that is most use full to us? It is always advisable to study the features of the application before we purchase it. File Recovery From is one of the popular data recovery software used for recovering files from SD card after deletion or loss, it’s also capable for restoring files from formatted SD flash cards. Here I like to list the benefits of using the application for SD card recovery.

  • The file recovery from application can recover any types of files like image files, audio and video files etc. This utility completes the scanning process by consuming very less time and identifies all major file formats.
  • The application is able to sort the recovered data on the basis of date, type and size and it can save the recovered data in compressed zip archives thus plays a great role in saving the available disk space.
  • The preview option present in the application allows user to view the files prior to restoration.
  • The tool provides “save recovery session” option that provides a user friendly environment in which user can resume the scanning process from the particular portion where it is stopped instead starting from the beginning. Thus it helps to save the time of user.

These are some of the many user friendly features of the application that absolutely helps the user to retain the deleted or lost data from SD card. It is always advisable to keep back up of all data so that data loss situation can be properly managed, but in case if you forget to take back up you won’t see a better SD card recovery tool than File Recovery From utility.

Easiest Software to Retrieve Images from SD card

SD card is stable memory card layout which is needed in transportable gadgets like mobile phones, digital cameras, desktops, and camcorders GPS systems etc., its normally used as storage device and also used to transfer of files from one device to other. SD card are usually used to store photos along with graphic images coming from Android phones. First thing you will remember in case you see at your images would be the time which you spend with your best friends along with enjoyed with your family n loved once. So you will store all these images in SD card to keep it safe and protected let’s say all your images lost caused by human errors or many other reasons from SD card?

Well, if you really need your lost valuable images, don’t be worry! In the majority of the instance whatever the particular photo you lost will not permanently removed from SD card and it can still be recover with guide of best retrieval tool. SD card photo recovery is one such tool to restores just about all lost or deleted photos in handful of simple clicks. This software has an excellent in-built scanning algorithm which thoroughly scan complete SD card and restores just about all images.

There are various circumstances for lost/deleted photos from SD card. Some of all of them are mentioned here

  • Unintentional Deletion: User might knowingly as well as unknowingly delete significant photos from SD card. Usually you may press ‘Delete All’ button. From this complete pictures are erased within fraction of minute. If you have got backup of files then no need to be fear, you can actually rescue it back.
  • Unintended formatting of SD card: Many folks are susceptible to this kind of case. Users by incorrectly format the SD card and get loss of pictures. Occasionally you will receive an error display like” Formatting your SD card”, once click this button complete SD card formatted which leads to loss of pictures.
  • Virus infection: in case you connect your SD card to the virus infected system after that virus may rush to your SD card, eventually it’ll corrupt file system and resulting in deletion of pictures from secure a digital card.
  • Sudden power failure: Sometimes improper shutdown of PC may bring about loss of images from SD card. While transferring pictures from SD card to PC in the event power failure takes place then it can result in loss of pictures from SD card.

Irrespective of reason for loss/deletion of pictures from SD card, stop using the SD card and think of SD card photo recovery software to acquire back your lost/deleted photos. Recovered images are usually sorted by utilizing file name, size and file type. Find option on this software really helps to find out particular file based on date of design, extension of data file and size. It is possible to resume the saving process by employing “save recovery session” feature, this ensures that you no need to rescans your SD card and it will save processing time. This restores pictures regarding different file forms like JPEG, JPG, PNG, and TIFF along with RAW images. For more information on photo recovery just click here