Utility to Perform Data Recovery from Mobile Phone

downloadCurrently there are many gadgets are available in the market to collect huge amount of data such as video files, image files, audio clips, movie file, apps and so on. Among these mobile phone is additionally one and by using this it is possible to save store huge volume of media files and as well as user can communicate with their dear oneness. Mobile phone is popular because of its portable and also due to many advantages like simple to operate, user friendly interface, sending emails, watching videos, uploading images, etc.

But like other storage device, losing or deletion of data is the most common factor faced by the many of the mobile phone users. Loss of data from mobile can be caused due to various scenarios. Have you lost your favorite games apps or other data from your smartphone? Are you struggling to get back all your lost or deleted data? If yes, then make use of Mobile Phone Data Recovery software.

Reasons for losing data from mobile phone are:

  • Due to downloading untrusted software or games or apps via internet will leads to corruption or damage of smartphone operating system. As a result stored files and other data get deleted or erased from phone memory and memory card.
  • At times, while accessing files from your internal phone memory you may unintentionally click on “Format All” option. This eventually leads to erase of stored files within few clicks.
  • Viruses or malware are such program which always tries to harm or damage files and folders on mobile phone memory card. Sometimes they may infect some file and may delete them.
  • Mishandling of device such as phone get abrupt switch off due to different reason while transferring or sharing of files from your mobile phone to other data storage medium. This can leads to erase or deletion of data from smartphone.
  • Whenever you make use of any unreliable or untrusted third party software can severely damage your phone memory card during antivirus scanning process. This also results in severe data loss from phone.

In order to overcome from the mentioned issues first connect mobile phone to your laptop where you lost data and then install Mobile Phone Data Recovery utility to recover all lost or deleted apps and other files form smartphone.

Various advantages associated with Mobile Phone Data Recovery tool:

  • By utilizing this recovery tool it could be possible to restore lost files of different file extensions such as MP3, APK, MP4, BMP, AAC, EXE, JPEG, PPT, TIFF, PDF, PNG, GIF, DOC, AVI, MOV, etc.
  • This tool is designed with powerful scanning algorithm which helps to undelete all data within span of time.
  • It recovers lost data from different partitions namely FAT16, ExtFAT, HFS+, HFS, NTFS, HFSX, NFTS5, and FAT32 file system.
  • It supports various brands of mobile phones like HTC, Samsung, Karbonn, Nokia, iPhone, Sony, Micromax, Motorola, and many other manufacturing brands.
  • You can perform data recovery from mobile phone and other data storage medium like iPod, hard drive, pen drive, digital cameras, FireWire drive, camcorders, etc.
  • It is one of the effective and brilliant tool which is capable in recovering lost files on different versions of operating system like Windows XP, Mavericks, Windows Vista, Yosemite, Windows 8, Snow Leopard, Windows 7, etc.
  • You can check the list of recovered data by utilizing “Preview” option before restoring them on desired location.
  • The software is skilled enough to rescue all deleted or lost files from mobile phone memory card of types SD card, SDHC, SDXC, CF card, XD card, etc.

Software to Fix iPhone Video

Hi everyone, I am using iPhone 4s from several months, the features and processor of my mobile is too good and working extraordinary. But one day when I tried to open video files in my iPhone 4s, these files refused to open. The video files get corrupted unknowingly. Is there any way to get back my corrupted video files, can anyone suggest me?”

Of course you can get back your corrupted IPhone 4s video files. There are so many tools available in market if you search on internet to repair corrupted video files. And in those, one of the best software to fix iPhone 4s video files is Repair iPhone 4s software. This software repairs not only corrupted or damaged video files but also broken video files. This tool is recommended by so many industrial professionals.

Scenarios that causes the corruption of iPhone 4s Video

  • Virus Attacks: If you are using unreliable third party applications or unauthorized antivirus application in your iPhone 4s then video files may get corrupted or infected. And due to malware actions your iPhone 4s video files may get corrupt and you get trouble in playing those corrupted video files.
  • Error While Transferring Videos: If you are transferring video file from your iPhone 4s to various other devices, any type of error or interruption occurs like abrupt removal of a device, sudden switch off your iPhone 4s, etc., then videos may leads to get corrupt.
  • File System Corruption: Sometimes file system may get corrupt due to some known or unknown application, at that time you cannot access each and every pre saved file on your iPhone 4s.
  • Converting Video File: To convert video file from one format to other format for example MOV file to MP4, and vice versa in your iPhone 4s, if you use any third party application then there may be chance of getting corruption of video file.

With the use of Repair iPhone 4s software you can recover videos for above mentioned scenarios, there are various other scenarios which causes corruption of video from iPhone 4s such as due to bad sectors, CRC error, etc. Whatever might be the reason for corruption of video in iPhone 4s; this tool can fix iPhone 4s video file effortlessly. In the same to know how to fix broken MOV file on Mac click on the link: http://www.fixmp4.com/broken-mov-file-mac.html.

Features of Repair iPhone 4s Software:

Repair iPhone 4s software has built-in dominant features that help you to fix whether the video file is corrupted or damaged in iPhone 4s successfully. This application effectively fixes iPhone 4s video within few minutes. It can scan the entire device rapidly and repair corrupted/damaged video file with effortlessness. This tool is compatible all most all latest models of iPhones such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, etc. With an assistance of this software you can fix corrupted, damaged and even broken video files in iPhone 4s. By using this application, you can preview repaired video files before saving it. With the use of this software you can fix all most all video file formats like MOV, MP4, M4V, etc. It supports to repair files on all old and latest versions of Windows (Window 8, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows XP, and Windows Vista) as well as Mac (Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite).


  • Use valid anti-virus software to prevent from virus infections and keep on update your anti-virus software.
  • While transferring video files from your iPhone 4s to computer through data cable do not remove your device abruptly to prevent from corruption of video file.