Fix Outlook 2007 Oversized PST File

Are you failed to open oversized Outlook PST files? Outlook PST files get corrupted due to the oversize issue? You happen to try every process, however, not getting success in fixing Oversized PST file. Don’t worry because here you get a solution in order to resolve your problem. If you are irritated after striving different process then you can certainly easily fix it by looking at this post and just follow detail by detail procedure.

MS Outlook 2007 is much more fast, enhanced, and reliable in comparison to any previous designs. This comes along with the improved user program and advanced functions. Although this Outlook 2007 is much improved and powerful due to oversize of the particular PST file, it truly is prone to the corruption issue. This oversized issue of the Outlook PST file could be caused by numerous reasons.

Regular using of Outlook makes the file size increasing at every snap of their time. Each version of the Outlook application offers some maximum size limit of the PST file. When any emails or every other attribute of the particular Outlook application come to be useless then following some interval of their time are not cleared at regular time interval then PST files gets corrupted due to oversize issues will be inevitable. After corruption of PST file due to an oversize issue then your error message like .pst file can’t be accessed-0×80040116 or Outlook. pst is inaccessible are displayed.

Outsized PST file ON Outlook 2007 causes slow working of Outlook application. In many cases, no matter the way hard you try, you will not have the ability to access the items of Outlook 2007 PST file. This kind of situation becomes a whole lot worse in the case when there is no backup of PST file and will also be having some significant email or messages stored on it.

It is very needless to declare until this incident will steal the peace of mind and you start searching for a tool to mend Outlook 2007 large PST file. Any user whether you are the novice or an expert can easily fix Outlook 2007 oversized PST file issue in a few moments by utilizing repair oversized PST tool.

Some of the important tips to stop oversize PST document are mentioned down below

  • Primarily delete every one of the superfluous emails by PST file frequently
  • Always empty items from Deleted Items Folder to free space
  • Prevent storing large attachments in Outlook PST file
  • Check the size of the Outlook PST file to help keep it manageable
  • Keep the backup of all the important items by PST file and erase unwanted drafts on the PST

Repair Oversized PST file is recommended software which is highly advanced and made with sophisticated algorithms. This repair PST tool performs every one of the tasks in a safe manner. Using its interactive GUI even a novice user are able to repair of Oversized PST file on Outlook without difficulty. Effectively ensures recovery of all email items including notes, calendars, emails, journals, and far more. This repair Outlook PST tool helps the recovery of various Outlook version and compatible with the latest Microsoft Windows 8. Read more- to get additional information on how to fix Outsized PST file on Windows 8.

Convenient Way to Repair Outlook 2010

MS Outlook is an eminent email client app introduced by Microsoft Corporation. The firm has designed different versions of this stunning email client application, among them the most noted and generally utilized edition is Outlook 2010. This recently launched Outlook 2010 has been incorporated with extensive number of profiting features, which attracts lots of user towards it. However there exists some extreme issues even in this robust application. Among various issues the most noted issue associated with it is, the PST file of Outlook 2010 gets damaged. If PST file of Outlook gets damaged, then the first thing happens is Outlook quits working and the information that exists in PST turns inaccessible.

In case your Outlook 2010 gets corrupted then don’t get bothered, since now in this cutting edge time there exists a repair program, which is called as Outlook repair application. By taking the help of this Outlook repair program damaged PST of Outlook 2010 can be repaired. When PST file is repaired then without any barriers you can work on your Outlook, furthermore the information can be accessed from it. It’s a non damaging program, it won’t do any adjustment to damaged PST file, rather it simply reads damaged PST file and makes healthy one which will be same as that of original PST file. For detailed information on repairing Outlook 2010 log on to:

Possible reasons due to which PST file gets corrupted:

  • Virus attack: It’s a known thing that the PST file dwells in local hard drive of machine. In the event any unsafe virus enters into the hard drive of computer, then virus will infect and corrupt the file, after which Outlook 2010 quits working and the imperative Outlook information stays caught in damaged PST file. Under this situation Outlook repair application can help you in repairing damaged PST file, and enables you to access information.
  • Sudden power failures: Sudden drop in power supply will make the computer to turn off in an unseemly way. In case your computer turns off while running Outlook 2010 then PST file of it gets damaged, and you’ll lose access to your imperative information.

As an outcome of these above portrayed reasons, if PST file of Outlook 2010 gets damaged, then take the support of Outlook repair application and fix damaged PST file in few simple clicks.

Features of Outlook repair program:

  • It’s easily compatible with all latest editions of Windows OS including Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista etc.
  • This robust Outlook repair utility knows how to repair Outlook 2003 PST file in Windows 7. It can even repair MS Outlook 2000 and 2007.
  • It’s a graphical user interface repair application which offers clear directions, by following those directions damaged Outlook 2010 PST file can be easily repaired.
  • The program is exceedingly viable; it can be utilized to repair password protected PST file.

Obtain the demo edition of this Outlook repair utility, its there on web. If you think it helpful to you then buy its licensed version.

Easiest way to repair outlook PST?

Are you facing any errors in accessing Outlook mail due to PST file corruption? If your answer is yes, then you have arrived at the right place where you can easily solve the issue related to PST file corruption by making use of appropriate software.

Microsoft Outlook makes use of two types of data files one is PST and another is OST. And compared to OST data file PST file is the most commonly used data file, because an OST data file works very good in offline mode but a PST file can be used both in online and offline mode. In this modern generation where every work is made easy by making use of computer, so by use of computer mail communication became the most preferred communication between every computer user in business sector. A user is benefited by many features when he makes use of email client such as MS outlook. And when a user come across a situation where he need to access the mail in urgency and finds that his PST file is corrupted then this can be most horrible situation. This sort of situation cannot be avoided but there is possible solution for recovering the files.

Scenarios of PST file corruption:

  • Oversize of PST file: When PST file exceeds the size limit then it may result in corruption of PST file. Microsoft has restricted PST file size for its every version to some predefined value.
  • Imperfect up-gradation:  If the up-gradation of Outlook version is imperfectly performed due to some interruption then this can lead to corruption of PST file.
  • Inadequate compact process: If the compact process is performed imperfectly then it may possibly lead to PST file corruption
  • PST file attacked by virus: When a PST file is affected by virus then it may lead to PST file corruption resulting inaccessible of Outlook.

The above listed are some of the probable scenarios which can lead to PST file corruption but there may be many other reasons by which PST file can be corrupted. But by making use of Outlook PST Repair tool you can easily repair outlook PST file which is corrupted by any scenarios.

Features of outlook PST repair:

This powerful software which is designed by making use of advanced algorithms can easily repair a PST file which is password protected. This renowned software supports Outlook PST file of different version like 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 etc. If a user is novice in using Outlook and don’t know the path of PST file which should have to be given while repairing corrupted PST file then the user don’t have to worry as this software can search the PST file from your system.  This software which is suggested by many experts can repair a PST file which is highly compressed. This popular software provides graphical user interface which makes a user very comfortable in recovering the corrupted PST file quickly.

How to Repair PST File Tool

Millions of people all over the globe depend upon Microsoft Outlook for running emails, contacts, organizing calendar, keeping notes, scheduling tasks, etc. It stores all these data objects in a directory called PST (Personal Storage Table). Microsoft Outlook is a private in turn manager from Microsoft, which is accessible as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Its recent versions are: For Windows Microsoft Office outlook 2013 and For Mac Microsoft Office Outlook 2011 operating systems. It can be used as a stand-alone application. The different versions of Microsoft Outlook are 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010. Microsoft Outlook 2010, as its primary function is to send and receive e-mails, it offers a host of useful tools to manage tasks, meetings, contacts and more. Its interface is nicely designed but it is packed with options. Apart from including e-mail, calendar, and tasks, one-click access minimizes the learning curve; it greatly expands its social media integration. You can find more information tied to the people in your contact list than just the typical information of name, e-mail, and other basic contact information, spam filtering and effective at blocking phishing e-mail attempts. In spite of all these outstanding features, any kind of corruption or damage to PST files of Microsoft Outlook 2010 results in data loss. But, don’t worry! Now, you can repair PST file tool using Outlook PST Repair Software.

Scenarios that lead to corruption or damage of a PST file tool of Microsoft Outlook 2010:

  • File system corruption due to OS reinstallation, OS up gradation tends to root corruption or inaccessibility of a PST file tool
  • The in-built Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe) which is used to repair or fix corrupted PST files of Microsoft Outlook 2010. However, it can’t repair every problem, if the corruption is much more severe then, ends up in damaging the PST file further


  • Closing or terminating the Microsoft Outlook software abnormally, when it is still processing or finalizing unsaved data to a PST file. This could be done either deliberately by clicking “End Task” in Windows task manager or may happen accidentally due to sudden shutdown of the PC or due to power failure
  • PST files may also get damaged by sharing it with multiple users over the network or while trying to compact large size PST files, occurrence of error might also cause damage to the PST files
  • Up gradation of Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 may also cause corruption to PST files

It is feasible to repair corrupted or damaged PST file of Microsoft Outlook 2010 with the help of “scanpst.exe” that comes with Microsoft Office. Unfortunately, it is limited in handling in severe PST corruptions. However, it may work while repairing minor corruptions in a PST file. Therefore, if “scanpst.exe” tool is not able to repair or fix your corrupt or damaged PST files then, you can make use of Outlook PST Repair Software.

Outlook PST Repair Software is one of the reliable software that can perform not just Microsoft PST repair tool outlook 2010 process either corrupted or damaged but also OST files. This software makes use of advanced technology to scan (sector by sector) and repair the damaged or corrupt PST file and get back all your emails, calendar items, contacts, notes, to do lists, journals etc. This software can even repair password protected PST files. Apart from repairing corrupt or damaged Microsoft Outlook 2010 PST files, this software can also repair PST files of Outlook versions 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007 on all the latest versions of Windows operating systems. This software can also repair damaged or corrupt PST files due to “scanpst.exe” tool or due to compacting error. Hence, make use of this best software to repair PST file tool of Microsoft Outlook 2010. Make use of the demo version of the software to repair PST file tool Microsoft Outlook 2010. If you are satisfied with the obtained results then, you can buy the software.

Unique Tool to Fix Outlook .pst File in Office 2007

“In recent times while attempting to open my emails on Office 2007, I have received an error message like cannot open file. This type of error message made me to get annoy since I was unable to open my corporate emails. Hence, my entire corporate or business get collapsed. Now, I am in trouble and want to fix damaged PST file. In case, if you know the best idea to fix inaccessible .pst file in Office 2007 then assist me”.

In the event, if the above mentioned situation similar to your case then what will you do? Is there any idea? It hurts a lot, if you do not know how to fix damaged PST file. During that time, you may begin to search for ultimate tool to repair broken PST file in market place. Your situation becomes even critical when you do not get such tool to fix inaccessible PST file in Office 2007. However, in today’s world, you can find many tools but among them you need to choose premium one.  In order to overcome such confusion in selecting affable software, expert professionals have suggested you to use fix Outlook inbox utility. It provides step by step approach to users, so that they never feel complexity while using it. It has the capacity to repair corrupt Outlook inbox as well as recovers all the items of Outlook profile like tasks, calendar items, contacts, meeting requests, appointments, notes, etc.

Scenarios bring about the situation like corruption of .pst file in Office 2007:

Slow internet connection: Sometimes, while sharing PST file on online, if the internet connection is slow or if any network errors occur in between this time then there is a chance of corrupting the PST file in Office 2007.

Sharing PST file over network: It is known fact that PST file is shared over network. While performing this action, if any interruptions like sudden system shutdown or sudden power cut may lead to damage of PST file.

Inappropriate compression of Outlook PST file: Most of the cases, you may use some unreliable third party tools to compress the PST file. But, such tools may damage the PST file and reduce the chance of fixing PST file. One can click here: to know more circumstances lead to corruption of PST file in Office 2007.

In addition to above said scenarios, some reasons like PST file header corruption, Outlook crash, virus attack, improper termination of Outlook 2007, etc. may lead to corruption of Outlook 2007 PST file. This utility allows you to search for Outlook 2007 PST file when you do not know the storage location of PST file on Windows OS of all versions like XP, Vista, 2003, 7 and 8. It can perform full scanning of Outlook 2007 profile to fix broken PST file. Once the Outlook 2007 PST file fixing process is over, it provides you real time preview of the fixed PST file in Office 2007. It can also repair OST file at your fingertips. Use the demo version of this application to evaluate the end result. Even, it supports fixing of PST file in Office 2000, 2003, 2010.

How to fix corrupted Outlook inbox?

Are you unable to access your emails from Outlook inbox and facing the threat of losing important data from Outlook and need a remedy to overcome this problem? The, you are at right place to resolve your problem. Usually the Outlook individual items or the complete Outlook folders might be inaccessible due to PST file corruption. So, a team of professionals have designed a PST file repair application. This application can fix the Outlook PST file which is corrupted due to below mentioned several reasons. Then, it provides easy access to your Outlook items. Let’s discuss on main PST file corruption reasons and how this tool is capable to fix these errors.

  • Sharing PST file over unsecured network: – As the Outlook application needs continuous internet connection to deal with Outlook, if the PST file is shared over an unsecured network, and then there is a chance of corruption of PST file. Once the PST file is damaged, then entire information within it will be inaccessible and you need to fix the PST file.
  • Header Corruption- If the PST file header is corrupted by any external or by system errors, then this might upshot in complete PST file corruption and inaccessibility of Outlook.
  • PST file Oversizing: – PST file usually hold a fixed size limit, when PST file having the size limit more than the particular size, then the PST file gets corrupted and all information from inbox, sent items or from any personal folders will be lost.
  • Upgrade from lower version of Outlook to higher version: – When you endeavor to upgrade your Outlook profile from previous version to new version, then you need to import entire information to newer version, but sometimes the imported emails or other items may not support the new version due to this the PST file may be corrupted.
  • Sudden termination of Outlook: – The PST file may be broken when it is suddenly closed, while functioning with Outlook you may close it improperly or the power may fall short abruptly to close the Outlook profile forcefully. Thus there is chance of PST file corruption.

No need to worry, Outlook PST file repair application can easily fix the PST file which might be corrupted due to above reasons. This tool is capable of fixing the severely damaged PST file and rescues all attributes of Outlook in safe mode. This application easily fix Outlook inbox, sent items and any other personal folders and you can easily access the Outlook profile. Once the repair process is done, the all deleted or lost all attributes are recovered. You can use this application to carry out repair process on Outlook 2002- Outlook 2010.

This application mainly focuses to Outlook 2007 inbox as well as Outlook 2010 inbox as there is a chance of residing user precious data, so it can fix and rescue the data from Outlook supported on any OS. This tool is also available in demo version to evaluate its performance of fixing, once you get the demo version, then run it and choose the corrupted PST file, it can fix the PST file and you access the fixed Outlook inbox or sent box by purchasing the complete version of this tool.


Software to Repair Outlook PST File

With the advancement in technology the usage of numerous applications for emails are also grown, they are now become the essential part of both professional and personal lives. The Microsoft Outlook is one the popular email application that is part of the Microsoft Office suite. It is considered as personal information manager, which is mainly used as an email client. It also includes significant features such as task manager, calendar, contact list, appointments, note taking, RSS feeds, journals, etc. The latest version of the Outlook for Windows is Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2011 is for Macintosh system. It can work with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Share Point Server.

The latest version of Microsoft Outlook can support importing of emails from MS Outlook Express and Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, etc. In addition to it, there are amazing feature which supports to keep reminders for business official meetings. The facility to utilize it in dearth of internet has made Microsoft Outlook to be most popular email application across the world. However, due to some consequences the Outlook PST file may get corrupt.

Let us consider one scenario, where a user was using the Microsoft Outlook and its PST file cross the maximum size limit. In this type of situation, when user tries to open the Outlook, user may get an error message stating “xxxx.pst cannot be accessed- 0x80040116”. Later the user rely on Outlook built-in Scanpst.exe tool to fix problem, but the application again pop ups an alert message like “An error has occurred which caused the scan to be stopped. No changes happen to be made to the scanned file.” In this case the Inbox Repair Tool that is Scanpst.exe fails to repair Outlook PST files and the user keep searching about how to repair corrupted Outlook file. Don’t struggle a lot to repair corrupted Outlook PST file, luckily here you have ultimate Outlook Repair tool. The software solves any kind of problems regarding Microsoft Outlook application.

Few reasons for Outlook PST file corruption:

  • Improper network sharing: Outlook PST files may get corrupt, when they are shared over the network. Whenever you share them across a net there is a possibility of modification of its content.
  • PST file header corruption: Due to virus attack, inappropriate system shutdown, abnormal termination of Microsoft Outlook window, etc may cause PST file header gets corrupted. Therefore, Outlook folders become inaccessible to the user.
  • Error encountered during PST file synchronization: While synchronizing PST file if you encounter any errors, then Outlook PST file may get corrupt. This scenario will lead to loss of essential PST emails and other file Outlook items.

If your MS Outlook application refuses to open due any of the above mentioned reasons, then you can make use of reliable Outlook Repair Recovery tool.

Benefits of using this application:

  • The software repair and restore Outlook emails, contacts, calendars, journals, notes, RSS feeds etc.
  • Efficiently repairs .pst files from various versions of MS Outlook such as Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, etc.
  • Outlook Repair utility is also used to repair password protected or encrypted PST file.
  • It can also restore deleted or lost PST emails from “Delete item” folder.
  • Repairs corrupted PST files without modifying its contents in few steps.
  • This tool is compatible with all edition of Windows operating system.

If you have corrupted Outlook PST file, first try out demo version of the Outlook Repair tool to fix the issue. Utilize the demo edition by downloading it from provided links. If the software repairs your corrupt Outlook PST file successfully, then you can go for complete software to save all Outlook items.