How to Lock Files on SD Card

Generally you will be using SD card for storing several files on it. Either the data might be related to the personal or the official things. If you share the same SD card with others then the chances are higher where all your private data might be exposed. To understand in a better way just imagine a situation like, you lend your SD card to your friends where you stored many important data. Then definitely there will be chances are quiet high that your SD card data might be misused. When any of the crucial data is exposed in this incident then you face a various problem. Additionally, your business can also be threatened if you have stored any business related data on your SD card.

Locking important data on the SD card are beneficial in case your SD card is lost and the card goes in bad hand as it will not be able to misuse it by the other people. Hence it is always a very necessary to know how to lock files on SD card such that no unauthorized person cannot access your crucial files.

In order to lock your data, you can password protect files on your SD card memory with ease. By means of this password protecting your SD card files will be in secure manner so that it cannot be accessed by the other hand. Although if you are not entirely protecting your SD card, you can protect you important data from the SD card with encryption. You can easily password protect your SD card by means of encrypting files on it. This means in order to open the encrypted files you have to provide the required password.

All SD cards that stick to the SD group standards support password protection at the card level.  It is clear that you can assign a password up to 16 bytes long to any given SD card. When the password on the SD card is set, the card will be locked against read or writes access to the card data. Later if you want to access data from that SD card then you must write the correct password to the SD card and request access. Therefore if you lose your device then no one can access the data on your SD card storage device.

However if you find that manual way of locking the files on the SD card is not a reliable way then you should opt for a third party software which provides you an authentic security of your SD card files.  You can find wide variety of tool which can lock file son your SD card but this lock SD card files is am unique software which is efficient in locking files on SD card easily. This software is developed with very strong and authenticate algorithm which never allows you to access data without a correct password.