How to Recover Missing Outlook Contacts?

“Hi everyone. I have lost all the Outlook contents and I don’t know how to recover missing Outlook contacts. Is there a way in which I can recover missing outlook contacts keeping all my files intact?”

There are many software applications to recover the Outlook contacts but the software which stands out among the rest is the Recover Outlook PST. Recover Outlook PST is the software with its user-friendly interface and high scanning mechanism helps identifying more than 300 file types.

What is Outlook?
Microsoft Outlook being a part of Microsoft Office suite is a Personal Information Manager which allows the user to record and access important personal information in a secure and sorted format. The Microsoft Outlook is generally an email client but can also store contacts, calendar, task manager, journals, web browsing and note-taking which can be used as a stand-alone application and also with Microsoft SharePoint Server or Microsoft Exchange Server where the number of users is multiple. One of the major features is that the developer can create their own custom software compatible with Microsoft Office and its suite. Microsoft Outlook is compatible with the various versions of Windows, Mac, and Android to name a few.
PST(Personal Storage Table) is an open file format controlled by Microsoft which is used to store the photocopy of the messages, calendar events and other Microsoft items. The file format provides free reversible messages and specifications and may be called as Off-line Storage Table and is represented in.ost format.
The maximum storage capacity is 2GB and once the file exceeds the limit an error message is displayed saying “.pst has reached maximum limit”. But presently after the modification of Microsoft Outlook 2003, the problem was solved by replacing the 32-bit pointers with 64-bit pointers and the maximum capacity is user-definable to a maximum of 20GB. IN 2010 the maximum size had been increased to a whopping 50GB.

How to know that the Outlook has been corrupted?
Although the Microsoft Outlook was secured but nowadays are prone to virus and malware which may corrupt the file and unintentional behavior may also be experienced by the user. Downloading from malicious websites can inflict the device with virus thus may result in lost/inaccessible files.
Unintentional formatting of the device deleted the all the contents of the drive, thus results in damaged data. Accidentally deleting the important file rather than the insignificant one can render lost files.
Abrupt termination of the transfer process prior to the completion of the transfer process can deliver inaccessible files. Unintentional shut down of the device while the transfer process is in pursuit.
The PST has limited size and oversizing can lead to corruption of data. Sharing the PST, when the user tries to access the PST at the same time but different users can render corrupt files.

Inbuilt Recovery process:
When the error of oversized PST appears there is tool PST2GB which has the capability to truncate the .pst file over 2GB. “scanpst.exe” is the recovery tool which has the capability to recover the files.

Why Recover Outlook PST?
The software has the ability to recover files created on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007,2010,2013 and even on 2016 and also produces the repaired pst file in a 2003-2013 format which enables the user to import the formats very efficiently.
It fixes the issue of over-sized PST and also with the preview is provided in the Outlook style Browser. It can also recover files that have been password-protected and also compressed files and even which cannot be recovered using the inbuilt recovery tool.

How To Recover Deleted Subfolder In Outlook 2010 Inbox?

Have you ever accidental deleted vital subfolder from Outlook inbox? After deleting the folder you have found out that erased folder was vital for you. Here is such a common condition, there is no need to be fret, you can retrieve subfolder by the usage of the image of deleted data files. After deleting the folder from computer system you are thinking that you’re unable to recover it back. Here in this type of condition, you should not believe that you cannot overcome this situation. In case you search online then you can definitely find anyone who is suffering from the identical situation. So there is no requirement to worry about such a matter. Here in such a condition, it is possible to recover from this situation by the application of recovery tool, you can take advantage of one of the experienced tools of current occasion named Remo More.

With the help of this tool, it is possible to recover from this severe situation. Whatever be the cause of the subfolder removal from Outlook inbox you can utilize the above mentioned skilled software for successful fixation. Let’s talk about some fact of file deletion in more detail. When you delete data file from computer system then it is not permanently deleted from the storage device. It resides inside the memory in an unbroken form. Actually when you remove file then only pointer locating to a particular field is deleted or you can say basically that it is removed from the file system. Here if you would like of recovery then just one thing needed is restoration tool. Recovery tool ought to be skilled enough so that it retrieves data from damaged pointer images.

When an individual delete subfolder from Outlook then the same method exist. In case you are in this condition then you can utilize the above-mentioned tool and successfully recover deleted subfolder in Outlook 2010 inbox with so ease. Let us discuss a few vital reasons when you can take advantage of this tool and successfully retrieve folder. You can delete subfolder from Outlook inbox by mistake. It happens whenever you locate useless folder while working on Outlook. When it happens then the majority of user decides to clean useless folder in order to create some space. Here in this condition, if you delete the file by the application of shift delete key then file bypasses the recycle bin folder. Here it is possible to restore a file from erased items folder. In such event, you can also utilize the above-mentioned tool and successfully retrieve deleted subfolder in Outlook 2010 inbox in an easy way.

Subfolder from Outlook inbox could be deleted when you empty the deleted item folder without checking for any vital data. Here in that condition, if the folder possesses any important subfolder then it could trigger severe data loss problems. Whatever be the causes of the subfolder loss you can utilize the above-mentioned tool and successfully recover deleted items in an ideal way. With the help of the tool, you can restore Outlook inbox too. For more detail, you can utilize the tool and effectively recover deleted subfolder from Outlook 2010 with ease. For more info, you can visit this link:

How to Recover Deleted Emails from Outlook 2007?

OutlookNow a Days, people are using Outlook 2017 to share documents, photos and other information via email. In many circumstances, people may delete their important emails from Outlook 2007 and face email deletion issues. Here in this informative article, I will tell you the advanced way to perform email recovery Outlook 2007 just in few easy steps. In order to recover deleted emails from Outlook 2007, people need an advanced third party recovery program which should be capable of retrieving deleted emails from Outlook 2007 PST file such as My Email Recovery and easily overcome from such painful circumstances easily. This hassle free recovery tool is specialized in retrieving deleted or lost emails from Outlook 2007 data files.

Before describing the features and deleted emails recovery procedure from Outlook 2007 PST file, let us see some common reasons of email deletion or loss from PST file:

  • File system corruption of computer hard drive, Windows registry corruption, Using Outlook inbuilt tool (Scanpst.exe) frequently to scan PST file, and Outlook malfunctioning can also result in email deletion.
  • In Outlook 2007, there is a predefined folder known as Deleted items. It contains all Outlook items deleted by user. If people empty this folder without checking the emails and other items present in it can cause to email deletion.
  • Deleting any email by using “Shift + Delete” key combination, removes from Outlook permanently rather than moving to Deleted Items Folder.
  • When you try to open Outlook 2007 PST file with other versions of Outlook or other unsupported programs can also result in email deletion from it.
  • Outlook 2007 PST file corruption, sharing PST file over insecure network, virus infection on PST file, header corruption of Outlook data file, abrupt termination of Microsoft Outlook 2007, can also result in email deletion from Outlook 2007 data file.

Amazing Features of My Email Recovery Software:

  • With the help of this highly efficient program, you can easily recover deleted emails Outlook 2007 data file and retrieve all emails as it was previously.
  • My Email Recovery application is capable to achieve email recovery Outlook 2007 data file as well as also retrieve other Outlook items such as attachments, contact list, notes, appointments, RSS, journals, folders, meetings, calendar items, tasks and many others easily.
  • This ready to use app can be utilized to restore deleted or lost emails from Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 without any other difficulty.
  • Advanced and automated repair technology help you to perform email recovery Outlook 2007 data file after Outlook crashed header corruption, virus infection, improper compression and other reasons.
  • My Email Recovery tool is very efficient to recover and repair Outlook 2007 PST file which cannot be fixed with Scanpst.exe.
  • It can be utilized to recover deleted or lost Outlook items on various Microsoft Windows operating system based laptops and desktops such as Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 8, Win 7, Win Vista, Win XP and others easily.