Reliable Software for Outlook Inbox Repair

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email client programs which is mainly used to send / receive the emails. Apart from this Outlook have many other items such as Contacts, Notes, Calendar, RSS feeds and etc. By making use of these items you can set appointments, generate reports etc. among these Outlook inbox is responsible for holding emails. Outlook mainly used two types of data files namely OST and PST. OST (Offline Storage Table) which is  responsible for storing Outlook data when you are at Offline mode. Each Outlook account has its own PST file when you create Outlook account and the PST file for every account will be created automatically.

However, Sometimes Outlook users may lose emails from Outlook inbox and in such cases its horrible situation for them because inbox may contain some important emails. If your Outlook inbox is not responding correctly then simply understand that your PST file has corrupted. PST file may get corrupt due to many reasons and once its corrupted then its not possible to access Outlook profile and in such cases there is no need to worry because now it can be possible to repair Outlook inbox by using one of the most efficient tool called Outlook Inbox Repair Tool.

Here these are some common reasons due to which your Outlook inbox become inaccessible

Abrupt Outlook Application Close:  When certain email delivering task is in progress at that point of time if you have closed your Outlook improperly then it results in loss of inbox emails.

Virus Infection: Virus is nothing but some malicious data which once enters your system then it will infect the files which are present on the system, this may also include Outlook PST file. Sometimes it may infect all the Outlook folders such as inbox, sent items, drafts etc.

Oversized PST: PST file is responsible for entire data storage of Outlook and PST file have their own predefined size. Once the size of PST has reached to its maximum level then it will the PST file will get corrupt and in such case it will not be possible for you to access the Outlook profile.

Outstanding features of Outlook Inbox Repair Tool

  • This is one of the safe and secure tool available in market to recover Outlook inbox with effective results.
  • Perform repair task on PST file without any alteration to actual PST file and it will just take a copy of PST file and perform recovery task on it, and after performing recovery task it will create a fresh PST file.
  • Once recovery task is done then the healthy data is stored in new PST file.
  • It can also be possible to recover customized setting of Outlook and its also possible to restore signatures and etc.
  • By using this application it can be possible to repair & restore all the emails, contacts, reminders, etc.