Easy Way to Repair and Play MOV Video Files in iMovie

iMovie is an video editing program, which is developed by Apple Inc. It is especially designed for editing or playing audios and videos on Mac computer, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, iPad mini etc. iMovie supports MOV video file format including several other formats like MP4, AVI, MPG and many other. However like any other file, MOV file also get damaged due to various reasons like virus infection, crashed iMovie application, header corruption and other factor.  In such case, user won’t be able to play MOV video file on iMovie video player.

If you are facing similar trouble then don’t get worried, since it is not a big issue to repair and play MOV video files in iMovie. Here you will be able to know how to play .mov files in iMovie that has been corrupted or damaged. Just make use the application Fix MP4 to repair damaged MOV video file. It has been implemented with the powerful and effective algorithm, so that, with the assistance of this tool, user can easily fix error of damaged MOV file which has been unplayable on iMovie media player.

Fix MP4 is extremely perfect tool to repair and play .mov files in iMovie with utmost ease. As it is simple and easy to use, any user can easily get to know how to open MOV files in iMovie even the MOV file has been unresponsive or unplayable.

Reasons behind corruption of MOV video file:

  • Bad Sector: It is an inaccessible space on any data storage media, so that the MOV file stored on it also becomes inaccessible.
  • Malfunctioned iMovie application: Frequently using crashed iMovie app to open MOV video file can also lead to corruption of MOV file.
  • Header corruption: Header file contains all the important information related to the file such as file name, file format, length, size etc., so if it gets corrupted the MOV file won’t be played on iMovie app.
  • Virus infection: Viruses are the harmful programs that can easily get into MOV files and modify the content inside it. Which in turn lead to unplayable MOV file on iMovie media player.

Abrupt termination of iMovie, bad storage device, sudden system reboot while accessing MOV files, third party application are some other reasons due to which MOV file may refuse to open in iMovie. But whatever the reason is, user no need to get worried about how to play .mov files in iMovie player, because Fix MP4 utility provides the best solution regarding corruption of MOV video file.

Features of Fix MP4 tool:

Fix MP4 is the best MOV repair tool designed by industry experts to fix error from both audio and video file. This tool is built with easy graphical user interface, so that the users no need to worry about how to play .mov files in iMovie player which has been unplayable due to header file corruption, virus infection, bad sector and other critical cases.

This tool is compatible on various versions of Mac OS enabled computer such as Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite and so on. It supports repairing of MOV files from HFS+, HFSX, FAT 32 etc file system formatted volumes. This tool can also be utilized to repair MP4, AVI, MPG and many other video file formats with utmost ease.

GoPro MOV Video Repair

Gopro is an American organization which produces high-definition cams with the capacity to record fantastic features. The unique tricks of Gopro cams are, these cams are exceptionally conservative, tough, and lightweight furthermore mountable on vehicles. These cams can catch photographs or feature through a wide-point lens, which creates great clarity photographs and videos. It can spare the features in MOV record form. MOV files can store audiovisual tracks independently and subsequently it guarantees security for every MOV records. Be that as it may it is not ready to give 100% security from defilement of MOV files. Frequently MOV files spared in the Gopro cam may get ruined extremely because of a few situations like organized cam, infection contamination, and so forth. Would you like to know how to fix Gopro movie file? Gopro film repair is exceptionally straightforward by utilizing this MOV File Repair Software. Simply read the article and download this powerful apparatus to fix MOV video, at whatever point MOV feature gets ruined.

How Gopro MOV File gets contaminated?

Wrong MOV transformation: If you need to play your Gopro MOV record in any media player which doesn’t support MOV video record, then you have to adjust the MOV record. In the event that you utilize any disgraceful MOV transformation apparatus to change MOV record, your Gopro MOV video will get degenerate discriminatingly. In these circumstances, you can try for MOV File Repair Software for Gopro feature repair process.


  • Sudden end of Gopro cams, prompts debasement of Gopro MOV files if the MOV records is continuously opened around then. So use the tool to fix GoPro video.
  • If you detach your Gopro cam disgracefully while exchanging MOV files to an alternate gadget, then it will get ruined extremely.
  • if any disturbances happen while sending MOV files through web, then it will get adulterated seriously.

Deficient Firmware: Bad divisions in the Gopro or the unacceptable media player degenerate your MOV files in Gopro. Here MOV repair is necessary.

Feature Editing Tools: If you alter MOV records in Gopro utilizing any feature altering device to roll out improvements in your unique MOV files then this unseemly method for altering or disgraceful feature altering apparatus prompts debasement of MOV record in your Gopro cam.

Infection/Malware Attack: Virus in the Gopro cam may influence the MOV records spared in the cam and taints the MOV files in the Gopro extremely.

Gopro SD Card Corruption: Corruption in the Gopro SD card because of the slip in the record framework defiles the MOV files spared in the Gopro SD card.


 Extraordinary gimmicks of MOV File Repair Software


  • Unplayable Gopro MOV records can be repaired effortlessly.
  • This MOV File Repair Software can fix MOV video features put away in the storage devices, which are designed with NTFS, FAT and so on.
  • MOV File Repair Software gives full security to your adulterated MOV record while you perform GoPro MOV video repair via repairing the audiovisual, streams independently.
  • This programming can settle Gopro MOV files and also Nikon MOV records, Sony MOV Files, Canon MOV records and so on.
  • With the assistance of this Software, MOV repair is not a cluttered work regardless of the possibility that MOV get tainted because of infection disease or harmed firmware.
  • You can spare the MOV record anyplace after you perform Gopro MOV file repair utilizing this Software.
  • MOV File Repair Software can do GoPro MOV video repair design furthermore Mp4, AVI, and so forth file positions.
  • Fix MOV video is possible effortlessly regardless of the possibility that the measure of Gopro MOV records is huge.

•This software design makes the GoPro MOV video repair simpler and the interface of the product is exceptionally straightforward so it is not difficult to handle. Gopro film repair can perform well with this product regardless of the fact that the debasement issues inside the GoPro

Application to Recover Lost QuickTime Files

“I had a folder which had all my QuickTime MOV files that are gone missing all of a sudden. I searched everywhere on my system and the files are not to be found anywhere. What caused this is something that I’m still trying to figure out and I’m not ready to lose these files in the first place since they contain some of my graduation videos too. So please help me out in getting back my lost MOV files in the easiest way possible.”

You can definitely recover back all your lost or deleted QuickTime files in just a matter of few mouse clicks. Just make use of the recovery app shown here that is designed to recover lost/deleted QuickTime files. You can check out the ability of this QuickTime MOV recovery app by trying its trial version on your system too.

MOV files are extensively used almost across all platforms of operating systems. They are one of the most preferred video files for streaming videos across YouTube and other video hosting sites on the internet. They support to play high definition videos and are supported by almost all players and devices as of today. They combine both the audio and video streams together to produce a video that can be played on all media players which are available today. However, file loss is an inevitable thing on computers so unless you carry a backup for your data you are never guaranteed of your data to be safe. Here are a few causes for QuickTime MOV file loss from systems:

  1. Viruses in your system can anonymously gain access to the files that are saved on it and delete it without any prior notifications causing you to lose data permanently if you don’t carry a backup.
  2. Accidentally deleting the MOV files off from your system by hitting ‘shift+delete’.
  3. Accidental format of the system or partition causing data to be lost.
  4. Interrupting a MOV file transfer that is in progress.

Features of this QuickTime MOV recovery application:

  • Scans your entire system and recovers every MOV QuickTime file that’s deleted or lost from it.
  • Comes with the best in-built recovery application that practically requires just a few minutes to recover your MOV files.
  • Features a simple user interface that is designed to make the recovery process as simple as possible with just a few mouse clicks to get the recovery process underway.

Lets you to save the recovered MOV files to a safe folder so you don’t overwrite the recovered data.