How to Recover Deleted Files for Free

“I accidentally deleted a few files from my Windows OS and the deleted files are not to found in the recycle bin folder either. So, is there something that I can do to recover deleted files for free from my Windows OS? Because most of the recovery apps charge a specific amount for recovering back deleted data. If yes, then which is the best free data recovery software which will help me recover back my data?”

Of course you can recover deleted data from windows or recover deleted data from Mac free of cost. All you need is a free data recovery software much like the one shown in the below video.

Here’s a tutorial how to recover deleted data for free using a free data recovery software which will retrieve back all your data in a very short time.

As you can see in the above video, this software is designed in a way to retrieve each and every file from your system in a professional technique. It’s also the most widely used application for recovering data from hard drive free of cost. Yes, it assures to recover back all your data free of cost regardless of what caused the files to get deleted.

Windows or Mac users might have thousands of user files saved on his system. These files may or may not have a backup copy created by the user. Such files are always under threat by outside sources which might make its way into your system and delete your files off your system. Virus in a major cause for file deletion from Windows OS wherein you may wake up tomorrow and find that all the files from your hard disk have gone missing.

To protect your data that is on your hard disk, it’s highly recommended to create a backup copy and save the same on a different machine. This increases the chances of you not losing your data in any possible way. However, there are instances wherein the user might end up deleting the files from his system.

Nevertheless, you can always restore the deleted files from your recycle bin but it’s a whole different story when the files were deleted permanently from your system. When the files are deleted permanently, they bypass the recycle bin folder on your system thus giving the user no option to restore or recover his data back again.

During such instances where you’ve permanently deleted files off your computer and you have no copy of the deleted files then it’s best to make use of a recovery software. Recovery software might cost you some money so it’s good to rely on a free data recovery software for windows or a free data recovery software for Mac so that you can recover deleted data for free from your hard disk, just like how it’s shown in the above tutorial video.

How this free data recovery software works?

The permanently deleted data from your computer isn’t lost permanently from the hard disk. The deleted data’s file pointer is removed from the file allocation table which is the reason why the file stops showing up on your computer. This file though it never shows up will still continue to remain on your computer’s memory until it’s not overwritten by new data. However, if you continue to use your hard drive after the file deletion then the chances of your deleted file getting overwritten is more which lessens the chances of you recovering back your data. So, you need to stop using your drive and get the above used free recovery software at the earliest to recover back all your deleted data for free.

Features of this Free Data Recovery Software:

  • Can recover files of all types that were deleted by you.
  • Can recover deleted files from hard disks of all sizes and storage sizes.
  • The recovered files can be previewed by you soon after the recovery is completed.
  • You can recover deleted photos, videos, songs, MS documents and so on.
  • Is completely safe for your computer as it’s a professional recovery software trusted and used by millions around the world.

Ultimate Utility for Samsung Laptop Recovery

Samsung is amongst the most popular cell phone manufacturer on the planet and till date this company has released many Smartphone models among them Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is among the popularly used Smartphone. The issues behind popularity of the actual Galaxy Note 3 could it be has android operating system and aside from this it has large amount of internal storage capacity and far faster processing speed, by utilizing this you can click on high clarity photos also it supports many high end games  and much more.

However, there may be several situations encountered due to which you might face data loss situations from Galaxy Note 3. If you have missing any data from Galaxy Note 3 then do not need to worry because by utilizing Samsung Galaxy Recovery software you are able to completely recover Samsung Galaxy Note3 within few clicks. This recovery software also allows you to recover Samsung laptops and many other digital gadgets of Samsung.

Reasons due to which data loss is visible in Galaxy Note 3

Unintended Deletion: Photos may get deleted while previewing pictures in Galaxy Note 3 gallery, if you accidentally select all the photos and press delete option from touch screen technology then this can lead to deletion of all the precious photos out of your Galaxy Note 3 in just a moment.

Virus Infection: When you connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with any kind of virus infected computer and then virus may enter the Smartphone. Once severe virus gets into the Galaxy Note 3 after that gradually your Galaxy Note 3 file could get infected by virus as well as in virus scan procedure those infected files could get deleted without your knowledge.

Restore Factory Settings:  By utilizing restore factory settings option that is present in all the actual Smartphone, thus if you decide on that option then it’ll bring back your Galaxy Note 3 to its initial state. In this case you lose complete data from Galaxy Note 3 like contacts, photos, apps and etc.

OS Version Upgradation: During upgradation of OS from lower to higher version when there is any interruption encountered then you definitely will lose entire data in the Galaxy Note 3.

Apart from these scenarios there are lots of other reasons also, for instance abrupt cable ejection while data transfer occurs between Galaxy Note 3 as well as system etc. If such scenarios occurred and an individual lost your precious data then, be calm because here you’ve complete solution for data recovery from Galaxy Note 3.

Features of Samsung Galaxy Recovery software

  • This is among the ultimate tools to recover Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that has been suggested by most of the industry experts.
  • Making utilization of this application to restore data from different Samsung Galaxy versions for example Galaxy Note 1, Note 2, Note 3, Note 4, Note 5 etc. To know Galaxy Note 3 recovery in details just click this link:
  • By using this software it could be possible to get back again lost media files through Galaxy Note 3 such as MP3, MP4, and MIDI as well as .apk files.
  • This recovery tool can be utilized for other Smartphone’s manufacturers like Motorola, Sony, Lenovo, HTC, Samsung, LG, and so on.