Know About the Groove Music App on Windows 10

What is Groove music?

Groove is the service and Groove music is the app. Depending on the device you are using, in a past or in the present, Groove was known as Xbox Music. According to the Microsoft having Xbox in the name is creating confusion with consumers, so they don’t want to use Xbox.

For now in the branding there will be some crossover. On the Xbox it’s still Xbox Music in the iOS, Android and Windows Phone at the time of writing, but in Windows it’s Groove. In the last remnants of Xbox Music, it will eventually be replaced.



You can get access to catalog of the Microsoft with a Groove Music Pass online to download and stream music for offline use. On Windows 10 the pass is valid as well as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, the web and Xbox with per month prices which is varying per region. A Microsoft account is required to Signing up, even though you are on Windows 10.

For offline listening, if you want to download the music, there are some important things you need to make out. By hitting the three dots and selecting “Download” you can get offline playlists, songs and albums. One thing you need to remember is, at any time you can only have offline music on a total of 5 devices.

Through the settings menu in Groove be sure to head into your account and ensure any old devices have been deactivated.

Local music

The personal music that you have collected from your own source or amassed through online stores like Google Play and iTunes, Windows 10’s Groove app will catalog it and will enable you to play. Usually you need to know where is the music is stored on your PC and should tell the app where to find it.

Key settings

The app of the Groove music is very simplistic actually. Confusion menus and settings are not available in it and it is very easy to handle it. Follow the below settings.

Groove Music Pass

  • Manage my devices: For offline use you can only store music on five devices at a time. You need to use this option in order to de-authorize one device every 30-days.
  • Redeem a code: For a subscription, if you have a physical voucher code, then click options and you need to enter the code to credit your account.


LEXAR has announced glut of new products such as cards across SD XQD with size up to 512 GB and USB C to take it into 2016. The portable storage device brand of Micron, which has been in supposed talks to buy SanDisk, has chosen to release everything at once with advanced features.The Lexar Professional 2933x and 1400x XQD 2.0 cards, with XR2 2.0 to USB 3.0 reader devices used for the photography or videography professional. Lexar claims it to be the fastest XQD card on the market, with high transfer speeds of up to 440MBps read and  write 210MBps, making it ideal for location news gathering, The Lexar Professional SD and XQD 2.0 cards provide exceptional resilience to environmental factors such as water, vibration, shock and temperature.

The Lexar Professional SD 2933x and 1400x XQD 2.0 cards provide exceptional resistance to environmental various factors such as humidity, air affect, water, vibration, shock and temperature, so they are the ideal applications for professional photographers and videographers using XQD based DSLRs, such as the Nikon 4DS camera, looking to capture the highest quality images or video in any environment.

Meanwhile, for those who prefer an outdated SD card format, the Lexar Professional 2000 SDXC UHS-II memory card has received a capacity boost size up to 128GB. Again, Lexar announced that it will be the fastest UHS-II card on the market, with its UHS Speed Class offering 4K capabilities with high transfer speeds measuring up to 300MBps read and write 260MBps.

Finally, the Compact Flash Fast Memory Card standard is not left out either with the Lexar Professional 3600x CF Fast 2.0 card and Lexar Professional 3500x CF Fast 2.0 card. Again, it is aimed at double production in 4K and outside and meeting ARRI standards.

Of course, the arrival of USB-C on various electronics devices such as the HP Pavilion X2, the Apple MacBook and Chromebook Pixel has created an opportunity for some new lines.

The Lexar Jump Drive M20c and Lexar Jump Drive M20i has announced features the new USB-C standard, alongside a second port.  USB 3.0 port for PCs, while the M20i has a Lightning port for Apple products. The 3600x is a brand new line with a read high transfer speed of 540MBps. The 3500x is an upgrade of the 3400x and offers a 525MBps read speed.

More and more photographers and videographers are implementation cutting-edge video cameras for important shoots. The goal in emerging the Professional 3600x and 3500x CFast 2.0 cards is to provide them with the fastest memory cards speeds available to capture high quality 4K video and photos.


All about Canon EOS M10

The mirror less camera of Canon EOS M has finally entered with the M10. The 18-megapixel M10 is standing second position, where as the position is gained by 24.2 megapixel M3. The Canon EOS M is associated with rear command, dials, exposure value compensation, and mode, also with more pronounced grip.

ZPR-canon_eos_m10-beauty-white-kitlensM10 has control dial of M3 and has some dedicated options, but it is not built as stellar. There is a dedicated video-recording button at the top, along with a three-way switch and a power button. Three way switches enables you to toggle between different modes such as Photo, Video and Scene Auto.

In Photo Mode, there are many modes such as Shutter Priority or Aperture Priority and automatic scene modes; you can select any mode from the touch screen display.

Handling this camera is very easy for the photographers because manual control is not required. The users who prefer to use automatic control modes camera, can adapt to this camera.

Generally all the cameras of M models do not have built-in electronic viewfinder (EVF), even this camera is lacking (EVF) and there is no availability of mounting an external EVF to it.

The M3 camera allows you to tilt the display upward by 180 degrees and 45 degrees downwards, but M10 will allow only latter display to you.

The M10 will switch to self portrait mode automatically when you flip the display to 180 degrees upwards. Also the effects such as Background Blur or Skin Smoothing can be activated using touchscreen display.

The time taken to start up the M10 camera is around 1.5 sec and to shutdown it takes about 2 sec, whereas other cameras will take around 2 sec to start up as well as to shut down operation.

With the help of a SDHC card (writing speed of 25 MP per second) you can capture 4 RAW images in 1.3 sec before running out of buffer.

To capture the photos in bright sunlight and to locate a focus properly, you need to use the EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM lens, so that auto focusing will work well. To secure a focus in dim lighting conditions it will take 2.5 sec, but when compared to ordinary M it is mostly preferable.

The quality of the images and resolution taken by this camera is also very sharp, with accurate and detailed color reproduction. You can capture around 255 images once after the battery is fully charged.

5 Reasons for Microsoft Outlook Better On iOS When Compared with Windows 10 Mobile

Using Outlook on Microsoft’s own platform, Windows 10 Mobile is annoying to most of the users, but it is better in iOS. There are five reasons behind why Outlook for iOS is better when compared to Windows 10 Mobile and let us discuss then briefly.


The biggest issue with Outlook on Windows 10 Mobile is, the formatting is terrible. With odd formatting most of the emails don’t look right and there is an insane amount of padding or emails show up zoomed out.

Focused Inbox:

Focused Inbox is the cool feature present in iOS Outlook. Important emails can be detected automatically and can be shown them in your Focused Inbox, at the same time the rest remain easily accessible in another tab and it is out of the way. Outlook learns about you when you move email in or out of your Focused Inbox and gets even more tailored to your priorities. It is very much useful to the users who receive an insane amount of emails, but in Windows 10 Mobile, Focused Inbox is not available.


In iOS Outlook you can easily attach files to your emails using your accounts from the cloud such as Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and Google Drive. Whereas Outlook on the Windows 10 Mobile is more exclusive and it will let you to attach the files from only OneDrive and other cloud services are not allowed in it.


With event invitations Outlook can automatically detect emails on iOS. In emails the “event” icon appears that can RSVP right from your inbox. But in Windows 10 Mobile this feature is currently not available.

Alias address:

On iOS Outlook lets you to send messages from an alias. For example: Depending upon what you are covering, when different Mobile Nations email address is given to Public Relations (PR) companies and if it’s a Windows related you will give them as or if it is Android related, you need to tell or if it is Apple related then you need to tell them as Then all the emails will go to one account: You are able to change the emails address in the “from:” field in Outlook, when creating work emails, but it can’t be done on Outlook for Windows 10 Mobile.

Know How To Access Your Computer from iPhone

Access ComputerNow a day, due to increment in the technology, we are now facilitating with the several methods for accessing your PC with an iPhone. In all that, some of the methods are costly, which can charge you for a one-time fee and validate permanently and some time it will available for a monthly or even available of the annual subscriptions of these methods. Even these two methods might function best among themselves and these can be use for personally and can be available even completely free in the IT field.

A host app should be installed on the iPhone on any of the method to get access computer. Once you are completed with the installation of the app on your iPhone device, then you can control the computer system as same as you operate it by sitting in front of it. It is now not require operating your computer by sitting in front of it, just go for these apps from your iPhone can compute the tasks on the computer device without any additional effort.

First Method Involves Using TeamViewer

TeamViewerGet TeamViewer app on your iPhone:

TeamViewer app is one of the best to control Windows or Mac with iPhone. This TeamViewer app is available for the both paid version as well as it even available for free of cost for personal use. But when you talk about the business works, then it is needed to make use of the paid version and in many reputed IT companies making use of this apps for modifying changes to the computer.  It works well for the different operating system like Mac and Windows.

Just go for Apps store on your mobile and search for this apps and then download TeamViewer app from the store and wait for initializing of this app. You need to register by simply completing the normal entries like name, email and password. So that it is up to you while making use of this and also you’ll get the update notification to your mail account if it is made available. From this, you can be up to date in the matters of the TeamViewer.

You need to install the companion app of TeamViewer on your computer and it should be installed to all the computer as which you want to get access.  To get this app companion, simply visit Selecting the operating system will be next step after installing. Now open the app on your computer and here you need to create a user ID and password, so that whenever you want to access this app, just log in with the credentials which you give here. Make sure that the password and ID should be maintained secretly.

Necessary Things to Know About the Google Project Fi on Wireless Service

google-project-fiWhat is Google Project Fi?Have you ever heard about the Google Fi which is a project on the wireless service to the users? If you don’t also, not need to bother anymore as in this article, I would like to give information on the Wireless technology project that is ‘Google Project Fi’. As we all know well, many services are offered by the Google which are really needed for the users and also most of the users are really attracted with services offered by it. Wireless Service is one of them on which Google is currently working on it.

Google would have happened to be a company in the US, which started its own wireless business without interfering the other realm of tolerated companies like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and others.  Get the information related to these carriers, and then it will be easy to switch cell carriers. Own wireless service commonly known as MVNO which stands for Mobile Virtual Network Operator offers own wireless service to the users. This Google Fi project recently known with the name project Nova, also tries to services for the users wireless.

How Google Project Fi Related to Wireless Service:

Google Project Fi which is a new wireless service as Google trying to offer service for mobile users. This will launch as quick as possible for the mobile users. As the Google has own related wireless service MVNO, so it is not big deal to get the license from other carriers for networks infrastructure. Google’s Nexus 6, an unofficial firmware which the image released for testing Android detailing  app, which appears to describe many of the features and functions of Project Fi.

As same as earlier concept, Google do the same but with improved and impressive technique. It involves in making itself the middleman between customers and carriers. This search company would shape the service they receive. As a Project Fi customer, you might find yourself on one carrier’s network or another’s but in terms of billing, plans, customer service and more, you’d only deal with Google.

It also let users’ sign up for multiple lines for their verification and data pools on a single account can be avoided in an enhance of communication. It has common for wireless users, but rare on MVNOs like Straight Talk. It looks like users may be able to activate new faster service and provide request and transfer new numbers within the app.

What Is iCloud Drive & How Does It Work? 

What Is iCloud Drive & How Does It Work? IOS is a mobile operating system which is created and developed by the Apple Inc especially for the Mac users.  IOS 9 is the recent biggest iOS release ever by the Apple Inc. It comes with updates to apps you use every day and exciting new connections between apps and between devices. As we all know the demand of the apple phone as used by the different people and have much craze of this mobile because of its features and applications. People like to use it as in this case, the recent update was iCloud Drive. So in this article, I would like to discuss about what is iCloud Drive and how does it work?

What is iCloud Apple Drive?

Apple’s iCloud Drive works in the device with operating system iOS 8 which is a subscription service that helps users you in managing documents and other types of files across iPads, iPhones and Mac. It further works with compatible iOS and also with the OS X apps, allowing you to sync and save files made with those apps in iCloud. You can of course also access, import, and edit those files directly from within compatible apps.

How iCloud works?

New iCloud Drive helps you in managing different things like sync, access, manage, import, save, and edit your iCloud-saved content from compatible devices and apps. ICloud Drive as helps you in managing all your files limited to their respective apps. In this case, you could never access a note for each day as maintaining daily data in the file. This app helps you in every recent updates. Here you can opt for one app which can manage a different note. Also, it even provides a facility for users to post a photo to Instagram but later wanted to open the photo, you would need to save the photo to your Camera Roll before opening it in Snapseed. You wouldn’t be able to pull photos from your Instagram library using the Snapseed app.

Here you need to think of iCloud as an external hard drive. Only all your content is securely saved online. Also, because computers and mobile devices don’t have to be wired to iCloud, you can access all your content from anywhere in the world. If you want to organize your files into folders, you have to move to a computer running OS X Yosemite or Windows.  It is clear about the iCloud Drive application that it doesn’t have backward with operating system like iOS 7, Mavericks. Sometimes users won’t be able to sync files from device, at this case users needed to opt for this app, as this app helps users with the recent updated and keep you updated with the latest version that are available in the market. Here’s more about how iCloud Drive works in managing documents on the different Apple devices

What is Firewall and What Does It Do?

What is Firewall?

Many people don’t really understand the term firewall and most of them have questioning about the firewall that is what is firewall and why is it necessary? In this article, users will get know information about the firewall and also the applications of firewall. Firewall is much important for safeguarding the computer system. Firewall usually of two different types that are different for hardware and as different for the software usage. Here for the software you need to install on the computer PC. Simply speaking a firewall is like barrier or a shield which can form just like a layer between your PC and cyber space which helps to protect your unusual  ports either form inside or from outside. When you are connected to the Internet, you are constantly sending and receiving information with the help of ports that we called it as packets.what is firewall and why is it necessary

The firewall filters these packets to see if they meet certain criteria set by a series of rules and there after blocks the ports which are mismatch. By this it can prevent the transfer of data from your computer port to the other devices. It can even allows the data if criteria is matched. So if anyone is trying to hack your computer system unknowingly without any information to you can get protected with the help of this firewall.  This way, hackers cannot get inside and steal information such as bank account numbers and passwords from you.

What actually this Firewall do?

A firewall is acts as a protective barrier between your computer system and the rest of the computers which you are connected to. If any internet is available within you then it is visible to the outside world of your information with the help of web browser or any other websites which can read your data with the help of packets known as Ports. You are visible through this port only to the internet or any other server which can have ability even to connect you with the other system.

Normally port is service available to you and it is provided with some specific number based upon its usage if the port is for internal service then it may different number and similarly for outgoing data ports are different. Here is the idea of a firewall is to close all the open ports which you’re not using. If the firewall fails to do that it if it fails to close all the ports then it is for sure that someone can easily hack your computer with the open ports available to them.

Different types of Firewall:

There are mainly two categories which come under firewall that you can simply classify firewall in to two different types. One is software firewall which is similar to zone alarm. If you install on the computer system then it will safeguard your computer system by providing transfer of data through ports. So hacking of data may also be less because of this firewall as it protects your system. The other classification of firewall is hardware firewall which is a router that sits between your computer and the outside world. You can plug more computers with the help of these firewalls and each will be protected by the firewall that’s part of the router.