Steps To Recover Data From Failed Hard Disk Drive

“I rely on external hard drives to keep back up of my day to day work in the office. Today, as usual, I connected one of my external hard drives to the system and selected some files to move. While moving files, due to some logical reason system went for automatic restart. After restarting, I plugged my external hard drive back again to complete the process. And I noticed the system was not able to detect the external hard drive. I tried to connect the external hard drive after another restart but it was of no use and nothing seems to work. Can anyone help me to find a proper solution for recovering files from a failed hard drive? Thanks!”

Almost all desktop PC’s have a hard drive inside them, but actually, do you know what they are? In reality, the hard drive is the place where you will store data or information. It houses the hard plate, where each of your documents and envelopes is physically found. The information on your hard drive is durable that remains to store data magnetically even if your system is off. The hard drive consists of some platters to which information is written by utilizing magnetic head, thus this magnetic heads is fixed inside the air-filled bonding. Also, this hard drives are connected to the motherboard with the help of a SATA, ATA or SCSI cables and are controlled by an association with the PSU (power supply unit).

But sometimes you may also come across some issues with this drive like hard drive failure, at this situation to overcome such issues there is a tool called data recovery from the failed hard drive which helps you to recover all data from your hard drive.recover-data-from-crashed-windows-hard-driveYou may also lose your information on the hard drive under specific conditions:

You may accidentally delete a folder, bypassing of files when they increase in size, data heater corruption leads to data loss, maybe you skipped a file of OS X when moving up to the next one, file lost due to Journal corruption, power failure etc.

Why should I prefer this recovery tool?

  • The main reason to choose this recovery tool is for its features. Yes this recovery software has some unique features like
  • It has built-in scanning algorithms which recover and find information from your lost volumes comes with two assembled volume scanning engines which help to recover information from incidentally formatted Mac volumes
  • Also recovers data from flash memory cards (SD, XD, MMC and Memory Stick) USB outside drives, iPods, Firewire drives etc
  • Supports to recover data from HFS+, HFSX organized Mac volumes

You can save your recovery process by using “save recovery session” and due to this you can resume recovery process at any time, this helps you not to rescan your drive to find lost information.

Precautions to be taken after losing information from your hard drive:

Just stop utilizing your drive as soon as possible, if you come to know that there is data loss from the drive, and use data recovery from failed hard drive to restore data on your hard drive. To know more about this recovery tool continue reading this page.

Incredible Tool for Seagate HDD Recovery

Seagate is the popular brand of a hard drive which is capable to store data like pictures, documents, etc. of several GB. On this hard drive, you can store files as backup. It is also available in the form of external hard drive because of its data storage capacity. Even though it provides a simple user interface, due to some issues all its users come across the situation like data loss. In the event, if you are a novice user and do not know how to recover data from Seagate hard drive then there is good news for you.

Are you in search of an excellent tool to get back lost data from Seagate hard disk? If your response is yes then your search process ends here, since you are at the right place. By making use of recover hard drive data software, you can restore lost files from Seagate as well as other well-known brands of hard drive like Toshiba, Hitachi, Samsung, etc. It is stated as simple to use the application because it provides some simple guidelines to all its users to recover lost data.

Let us discuss some factors lead to loss of data from Seagate hard drive:

Interruption during resizing the partition: Sometimes, while performing resizing of the existing partitions without taking backup if you encounter any interruption like a sudden power outage or abrupt PC shutdown then it may result in loss of data present on Seagate hard drive.
Virus invasion: When you download any file from freeware website and store it on Seagate hard drive then there is a possibility of virus attack to all the files on that HDD. This, in turn, makes you incapable to access your crucial data.
Accidental formatting: At times, while installing Operating System you may accidentally format the Seagate hard drive instead of other partitions. This situation brings about the condition like crucial data loss.

This tool helps to get back Seagate hard drive data lost due to file system corruption, improper file transfer, hard drive failure, accidental deletion, etc. It can restore data from RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5 partitions. By making use of this inimitable utility, you can effortlessly bring back files from file systems like FAT 16, FAT 32, ExFAT, NTFS 5, NTFS, HFSX and HFS +. It is capable to undelete data from hard drive of several types like SCSI, SATA, IDE and PATA. Apart from this, it can bring back data from FireWire drive, USB drive, Pen drive, etc. For more details about the recovery of Seagate hard drive on both Windows and Mac OS, just click here:

It is available with the free demo version which helps you to understand its working principle. By employing this superior tool, you can recover Seagate hard drive files based on their unique signatures.  It is incorporated into scanning algorithms to perform complete scanning of Seagate hard drive to perform quick recovery of data. After the completion of Seagate hard drive recovery process, you can see the achieved result.

Asus Laptop Hard Drive Recovery

Wondering how to recover Asus laptop data which has been lost due to some conditions? Here’s an application which is free to download throughout the internet incorporating high scanning mechanisms and unique signatures to identify more than 300 file types very easily. It is easy process, which helps you in recovering data from different storage devices, here is the procedure below, have a look

Steps to recover data when lost/deleted?

  • The Free version of the software is available throughout the internet. Click on “Download Now” and install the software.
  • After running the application clicking on “Recover Files” allows the user to recover the lost/deleted files.
  • There are two options available where clicking on “Recover Deleted files” allows restoring of deleted files and “Recover lost files” enables retrieval of lost files.
  • Then, after selecting the drive from which the data is deleted/ lost, proceed with the scanning process. If the user intends to recover specific files the user can opt for “Selective Recovery” by pressing the Skip option.
  • Post completion of the recovery process the files are listed in an ordered format and can be viewed prior to saving them to the desired location using the “Preview”
  • Saving the recovered files to their destination folders require upgrading to the Pro version of the software which allows additional and advanced features.


Let’s get to know more about the software

It is the most complete recovery tool which can recover almost more than 300 files types very efficiently and swiftly. It is apt for the data loss caused due to severe conditions like formatted hard drives or the disk had been completely corrupted.

It can also recover data from lost/formatted hard drives in conjunction with its complete hierarchy. It can also recover data residing in the bad sectors of the drive by creating a disk image, so as to bypass the corrupted drive and can recover the files using the image. This ensures integrity. The files can be previewed using the File type view while searching using the file extension and Data View views the files in a hierarchical format.

This incorporates unique signatures to recover all the renowned formats of multimedia files of audio, video, images and is also capable of recovering RAW image formatted from DSLR’s etc. It also recovers data from formatted memory card, SD cards, and XD cards.

The software can retrieve lost files from deleted partitions, formatted drives, files systems (NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT) and also from RAID (RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5) partitions.

Steps to recover lost images?

  • The Recover Media is the tool which is most suited for the recovery process.
  • The user can opt for either of the two options available being
  1. “Recover Deleted Photos” which allows the user to swift recovery of the deleted files and is used when the user has the knowledge of the storage location of the file.
  2. “Recover Lost Photos” perform an advanced and thorough scanning of the drives. It is used when the user is unaware of the storage location of the lost files.

Procedure to recover outlook files?

The Recover Outlook Express (DBX) allows the user to recover mailboxes, contacts and other outlook items.

  • After downloading the software, install and Run the application.
  • Select the any individual identity or DBX and its respective DBX files for recovery.
  • The recovered files can be previewed using the Preview tool before saving them to the desired destination.

 Why Recover Windows preferred over others?

The Find tool allows the user to refine the search area based on name, date modified, date created and name. The “Save Recovery” session allows the user to pause and store the progress of the recovery process so that the user can continue from the point he/she left off.

The “Open Recovery session” entitles the user to access the stored progress which in turn curbs time elapsed and increase performance.

The software allows “Selective Recovery” which allows the user to save time elapsed by specifying the particular file to be recovered.

The most striking feature is “First Try then Buy” allows the user to firstly download the free version of the software and proceed with the recovery process. On being satisfied, the user has to upgrade to the Pro version of the software to save the recovered files to their desired destination folder which entitles the user with advanced and additional features which accumulate towards efficient recovery of corrupted files.

How to Recover Data from Deleted SSD Drive Partition?

Many laptops are coming with new solid state drives. Although these drives are still slightly small, incredibly, reliable and durable. These Solid State drives do not contain any moving parts like as a traditional hard drive. It is also known as SSD. In order to save data, these SSD drives use flash memory. You can divide your system SSD drive into multiple parts for saving and easily accessing data from it. These small logical parts of SSD drives are known as partitions. With the help of these partitions, you will be able to store different types of files based on their categories. Solid State drives are capable of saving different types of data files in their partitions such as pictures, audios, movies, software, text files, pdf, documents, and many others.

Due to any causes, sometimes you can face the system SSD drive partition deletion issue. This SSD partition deletion can be very painful for you and also put you in a big trouble. Data saved on SSD hard drive partition can be very important for your personal or professional career. Once the partition of laptop SSD drive gets deleted all the data stored in it also become inaccessible because it is also get removed along with the partition. In such difficult circumstances, you may want to recover deleted partition SSD drive data at any cost. But to get back deleted SSD partition data there is no manual way by which it can be restored. So in this case, you need a highly advanced third party tool like Recover SSD. This hassle free tool has enough potential to recover deleted partition SSD without any other problems.

Causes of Laptop SSD Drive Partition Deletion:

  • System Crash
  • Accidental Deletion
  • File System Corruption
  • MBR Corruption
  • Using Non-Reliable Tool
  • Hard Drive Corruption
  • Incorrect Formatting
  • Reinstalling OS
  • Partition Corruption

Features of Recover SSD Application:

  • You can utilize this easy to use software for recovering deleted SSD partition data files which can be video files, documents, text files, pictures, audio tracks, software, folders, presentation files, database files and many others within few simple mouse clicks.
  • This hassle free approach is capable to recover deleted partition SSD drive which can support any file system such as NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, HFS and HFS+ on all the latest versions of Windows and Mac based laptops easily.
  • With the help of Recover SSD app, you can recover data from deleted SSD drive partition which can be manufactured by any world leading brands including SanDisk, Lenovo, Iomega, Toshiba, Buffalo, Transcend, Sony, Kingston, Samsung and many others.
  • Once the recovery of SSD deleted partition data is completed, you can take the preview of restored partition data before saving them to other drive partition or external hard drives without any difficulty.
  • Recover SSD tool is able to get back data files from different data storage devices such as pen drive, memory card, external hard drive, flash drive, memory stick, and others.
  • With the help of “Save Recovery Session” feature of this app, you can resume your deleted SSD partition recovery process and save your time by avoiding the rescanning process.

How to Recover Data after Blue Screen of Death Occurrence?

Blue screen of death is the very common error message on almost all the Windows operating systems. User might encounter with this kind of error due to the following reasons like hardware issues, driver updates and incompatibility issues, etc. Blue screen of death affects the booting process of your system and failure of booting process can result the inaccessibility of the system. It means that you cannot even login into your system. Some common scenarios for data loss due to blue screen of death are listed below:

  • Windows registry corruption: The Blue Screen death problem can also occur due to Windows registry errors. Windows registry errors can hamper the booting process of the system or create login issues for you that make the entire system storage data inaccessible.
  • Newly installed drivers not compatible with the operating system: After installing the Windows operating system you need to install the important device drivers like Sound, VGA, and Network etc. on all the Windows operating system earlier than Windows8. But sometimes, downloading these drivers from any other site except Microsoft main website can result unsupported device drivers on the system. This issue can cause the blue screen of death occurrence on the system.
  • Other reasons for blue screen of death occurrence: Other scenarios for blue screen of death are as follows: due to incompatibility of device drivers, faulty memory, power supply issues, kernel application issues, overheating of devices etc. These all fatal issues make the entire hard drive storage inaccessible.

While you come across any one of these data deletion scenarios, then you can easily resolve blue screen of death occurrence issue on your system by following options:

  • Upgrade your Windows OS: Upgrading the Windows OS version is one of the solutions that can resolve blue screen of death issue. If this method doesn’t work on your system try the next method.
  • Format your hard disk and reinstall OS: Format your hard drive and reinstall the OS is another simple solution for resolving the blue screen of death issue.

If you are unable to resolve the blue screen of death issue on your system, then you don’t need to be tensed. You can easily get back files from blue screen of death by making use of Lost Data Recovery application. In the scenario of blue screen of death you need to take your hard drive form host system and connect with another system .After connecting the inaccessible hard disk to the another system you can perform recovery by making use of this recovery tool.

Best features of Lost Data Recovery application:

  • Lost Data Recovery application is used to recover files from blue screen of death on following Windows operating system versions like Windows XP, Vista, 7, 2003 and 2008 server etc.
  • It also allows to recover files from blue screen of death from following hard drive manufactures like Seagate, Transcend, Maxtor, Western Digital etc. is also possible by making use of this data recovery tool.
  • It can also recover the data from other removable storage devices like pen drives, memory cards, external hard drives etc.
  • By using this tool, you can easily recover files from blue screen of death from following hard drive types like SATA, PATA, IDE and SCSI etc.
  • After the recovery the tool helps to preview all the recovered data from hard drive and external storage devices by making use of inbuilt “Preview” option of this tool.

How to Recover Deleted Files for Free

“I accidentally deleted a few files from my Windows OS and the deleted files are not to found in the recycle bin folder either. So, is there something that I can do to recover deleted files for free from my Windows OS? Because most of the recovery apps charge a specific amount for recovering back deleted data. If yes, then which is the best free data recovery software which will help me recover back my data?”

Of course you can recover deleted data from windows or recover deleted data from Mac free of cost. All you need is a free data recovery software much like the one shown in the below video.

Here’s a tutorial how to recover deleted data for free using a free data recovery software which will retrieve back all your data in a very short time.

As you can see in the above video, this software is designed in a way to retrieve each and every file from your system in a professional technique. It’s also the most widely used application for recovering data from hard drive free of cost. Yes, it assures to recover back all your data free of cost regardless of what caused the files to get deleted.

Windows or Mac users might have thousands of user files saved on his system. These files may or may not have a backup copy created by the user. Such files are always under threat by outside sources which might make its way into your system and delete your files off your system. Virus in a major cause for file deletion from Windows OS wherein you may wake up tomorrow and find that all the files from your hard disk have gone missing.

To protect your data that is on your hard disk, it’s highly recommended to create a backup copy and save the same on a different machine. This increases the chances of you not losing your data in any possible way. However, there are instances wherein the user might end up deleting the files from his system.

Nevertheless, you can always restore the deleted files from your recycle bin but it’s a whole different story when the files were deleted permanently from your system. When the files are deleted permanently, they bypass the recycle bin folder on your system thus giving the user no option to restore or recover his data back again.

During such instances where you’ve permanently deleted files off your computer and you have no copy of the deleted files then it’s best to make use of a recovery software. Recovery software might cost you some money so it’s good to rely on a free data recovery software for windows or a free data recovery software for Mac so that you can recover deleted data for free from your hard disk, just like how it’s shown in the above tutorial video.

How this free data recovery software works?

The permanently deleted data from your computer isn’t lost permanently from the hard disk. The deleted data’s file pointer is removed from the file allocation table which is the reason why the file stops showing up on your computer. This file though it never shows up will still continue to remain on your computer’s memory until it’s not overwritten by new data. However, if you continue to use your hard drive after the file deletion then the chances of your deleted file getting overwritten is more which lessens the chances of you recovering back your data. So, you need to stop using your drive and get the above used free recovery software at the earliest to recover back all your deleted data for free.

Features of this Free Data Recovery Software:

  • Can recover files of all types that were deleted by you.
  • Can recover deleted files from hard disks of all sizes and storage sizes.
  • The recovered files can be previewed by you soon after the recovery is completed.
  • You can recover deleted photos, videos, songs, MS documents and so on.
  • Is completely safe for your computer as it’s a professional recovery software trusted and used by millions around the world.

Dead Toshiba Laptop Hard Drive Recovery Software

“Hi, my Toshiba laptop had dead a week former and the hard drive has completely quit working. I took the portable computer to Toshiba Service store and they said that the hard drive is dead and must to be replaced with new one. Only for similarity I unplugged the hard drive from Toshiba Laptop and joined with other machine, however nope it’s dead. I have to duplicate all my documents to external hard drive, before I send the Toshiba laptop to its service center. I was speculation what kind of encase device I would need to purchase to do this. Help me please!!!”

Hard drive is the most significant bit of the versatile machine that holds the entire data of the operating system and likewise the customer’s fundamental data. On the off chance that the hard drive is totally slow you can buy an indistinguishable hard drive and supplant the board, however not the data put away on the drive. That is the reason data recovery software is developed. It helps you to recover significant data from any kind of the storage devices that are severally damaged or dead due to various reasons.

From now on, download and install capable Hard Drive Data Recovery software on a healthy Windows PC and interface dead Toshiba laptop hard drive from which you need to recover data. Preceding recovery process, how about we see a few of the standard side effects of dead hard drive.

  • Disappearing documents
  • Laptop solidifies
  • Slow preparing velocity and startup
  • Hard drive making exorbitant clamor
  • The hard drive isn’t distinguished by the Toshiba laptop

In case, if you encounter these sorts of issues with your Toshiba portable computer hard drive, then instantly backup your important data soon as you could sensibly be normal. On the off chance that you didn’t have backup of your imperative information before Toshiba laptop hard drive is dead. The most ideal approach to recover information from dead Toshiba laptop hard drive is by making utilization of capable Hard Drive restoration program, as I said above.

Hard Drive Recovery is outstanding laptop recovery software design that helps you to recover information from the dead Toshiba portable computer hard drive. By utilizing this recovery program, you can without much of a stretch get back all your crucial information, for example, word documents, pictures, music records, video clips and various diverse records from dead Toshiba portable computer hard drive. You can even use this recuperation gadget to restore information from convenient storage gadgets such as external hard drive, pen drive, USB flash drive, memory card, Firmware drive, etc. This recovery device is not difficult to utilize and it could be used by every client to recover their information from dead Toshiba laptop hard drive. This device adequately deals with both Windows as well Mac operating system. Additionally, with the help of this recovery software you can even recover data from dead laptop hard drive.