Efficient Way to Retrieve Erased Folders on Windows 7

Folders are used to keep different files such as photos, video, mp3, pdf, etc in an organized manner. It provides facility to keep files according to user’s choice. It is easy to create folders and make it simple for users to search files which are kept according to their file types. Sometimes folders on Windows 7 are deleted accidents due to human error, error while file transfer, etc. The user lost all files which are kept in a folder and get tensed.

However no need to worry, Best Recovery Software is an important tool for deleted folder recovery on Windows 7. It is efficient and reliable software to recover deleted folders on Windows 7 with few mouse clicks. It is user-friendly software so the nontechnical user can also recover erased folder by following some simple steps.

Scenarios by which Folders Get Erased on Windows 7

Accidentally Deletion: When a folder is deleted from Hard disk accidentally and size of folder exceeds the size of recycle bin. In this case, the folder is deleted permanently from the system.

Virus/Malware Attack: When the user is sharing folders with another device then there is a chance of virus attack as a result of which folders become missing or shortcut icon may replace folders.

Improper Ejection: During transferring data from drive to the system or vice-versa and suddenly we remove or eject external storage device without following a proper procedure which results in deletion of the folder.

Error While File Transfer: When the user is moving a folder from system to other device and suddenly system is turned off due to certain reason such as power fluctuation, battery failure etc then it is possible that folders get deleted on Windows 7.

Deletion by Third party Applications: When you are scanning files with antivirus, some of its files is not compatible with the antivirus as it shows malicious file/virus which leads to deletion of files from it.

Features of Best Recovery Software

  • Best Recovery Software is easy to download and install on any Windows system.
  • This software requires only 50MB space for installation which is very less for any system.
  • The recovered folder can be saved either on internal or external storage device depending upon the user.
  • The support team is technically trained for any kind of difficulty related to software and provides proper guidelines.
  • The user can preview the recovered folder before saving which is the best part of the software.
  • Demo version is available in order to check the effectiveness of the software.
  • Technical and nontechnical users are capable to recover deleted the folder in Windows 7

What Makes This Software Robust?

This software is a read-only software i.e. it simply reads the corrupted file and recreates the new file that has all the features of an old corrupted folder. So, there is no chance that original folder has tampered in any way. This software assists in recovering erased folders in Windows 7.

Note: In case, if you are finding it difficult to manage folders on Windows 7 then make use of this link for guidance.