How to Fix Damaged Movies?

“Hi, I had stored many movies on my hard disk. While watching movie, my windows player closed abruptly  and next time when I opened that particular movie it results “movie cannot be opened”. Now, I can’t able to play movie, its completely showing error whenever I open it. Is there any way to fix corrupt errors in MOV files? If so, please help me to fix damaged movies. Yes! All your damaged movies can be fixed, Read this brief article to know how to repair corrupted movies.”

Movies are usually larger in size; it can be downloaded from internet or copied from CD/DVD to hard drives or any storage devices for initial use. Since, it occupies many space user might keep the back up in any desired storage device. But, there are chances for movies to get corrupt or damaged due to improper transfer, converting the movie file extension, compressing, etc. Movies which are corrupted can be fixed using Repair Movie Software.

Let’s analyze how movies can get damaged:

  • Improper Transfer of Movies: Movies can be transferred to any storage device. When user transfers the movie, abrupt shut down of system due to power surge or system reboot can corrupt movies. Improper removal of external device during transfer of movies can also lead to movie corruption.
  • Improper Downloading: Usually movies can be downloaded from many websites via online. While you are downloading, movie file may get damage due to unstable internet connections.
  • Virus Attack: Virus can make system vulnerable. It can spread through any attached system. If movies are downloaded from internet, it can cause damage very easily.

These are some ways in which your movies may get corrupted, if you have any issues while opening movies, we recommend you a tool named Repair Movie Software which is used to fix damaged movies

Features of Repair Movie Software:

Repair Movie Software is used to repair truncated, broken, corrupted or damaged movie files. This software has an ability to repair damaged MOV and MP4 files which are not playable on Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, QuickTime, etc. With an assistance of this tool, user can fix multiple damaged videos in batch. It can repair not only movies and videos, but also it has a capability to repair audio files that are damaged. This tool also ensures that original files will not get damage during the fixing process. Movies which get damage on other storage devices such as external hard drive, flash drives, etc. can be repaired with usage of this software. If your movies in CD/DVD can’t able to access, you can fix it by using Repair Movie Software.  Once the movie is repaired, user can preview the files before restoring it. If your GoPro MP4 file gets corrupted or damaged, Repair Movie Software can fix all your GoPro MP4 files. To know more about how to fix GoPro MP4 in details, follow this link:

Safety measures to avoid corruption in movies:

Always use Safely Remove option to remove your external storage device.

Avoid downloading movies from untrusted or unsecured third party applications.

Make complete back up of your movie files before formatting or installing any software update.