Restoring Data from Corrupted External Hard Drive

Is your external hard drive corrupt? Are you trying to restore data from it? If your answer is yes for those questions, then it is a perfect place to know how to restore data from corrupted external hard drive using a data recovery tool called Remo Recover. This tool is actually very simple to use and requires no technical skills. Watch the following video demonstration on recovering data from corrupt external hard disk drives. You will get a clear idea on what to do and what not to do after losing data from your damaged or corrupted hard drive.

How to Recover Data from Corrupted External Hard Drive?

Here is a step by step process of data recovery from corrupted external hard drive.

  • Watch the above video and visit the YouTube page by clicking on the YouTube icon appearing on the bottom-right of the video frame.
  • Scroll down to the description section, you will find a link to download Remo Recover tool. Download and install it on your computer by following that link.
  • Connect your corrupted external hard drive to the computer where you have installed Remo Recover utility.
  • As you execute the software, you will find some buttons on the main software screen. Choose ‘Recover Volumes / Drive’ option and the software will take you to the next screen. In that, choose ‘Volumes Recovery’.
  • Now a list of disk drives will appear, choose your corrupted / damaged external drive and click on next as the tool proceeds to next step.
  • Then, just click on ‘Skip’ button on this screen as this has the options to choose individual file extensions. Now the tool scans your corrupted external hard disk and you can see the progress of this.
  • As it gets completed, you will get an access to preview your files prior to recovery. Choose the destination folder and you are all done, the utility begins to save the recovered items on your drive.

Key Features of Remo Recover Tool

  • It has both 32 and 64-bit OS support and can be installed on all Windows OS including the latest version Windows 10.
  • The software can recover music, images, video, archive files, documents, spreadsheets of over 300 file types.
  • You can “Preview” the multimedia files prior to recovery on your hard disk.
  • The tool has “Save Recovery Session” option which saves a huge amount of time by saving the session, thus user need not have to scan the drive once again for recovery of lost or deleted data.
  • Very simple and easy to use an interface similar to Mac styled interface that lets anyone to use this tool to carry out recovery.

Reasons behind the Loss of Data from External Hard Drive

  • Removing the external drive without safely ejecting them may cause corruptions and lead to inaccessible drives.
  • A sudden power outage may also harm your external hard drive.
  • As the external hard drive is portable, plugging and using it in multiple devices make your drive vulnerable to virus infections.
  • Improper transfer of files from the external drive to any other drive and vice versa will make the file go missing or lost.
  • Accidental or intentional deletion of files, clearing the Trash folder or deleting using Command-Delete combination are also the cause of data loss.


Incredible Tool to Recover Files Lost from Removable Hard drive

Have you ever lost crucial computer data from removable drives like external hard drives or some other similar type of removable devices? Data loss issues are extremely common problems today. You may often listen from your colleagues, friends, neighbors, relatives about data loss issues. Many times you would’ve find your mates telling he had lost his crucial business files from external hard drives and now he urgently need all those files. They would be asking certain techniques or methods to escape such problems. For the reason that situation we might also not understand how to restore files from removable hard disk? That could reduce their anguish and help them out of data loss issues.

Integrated tool such as “Chkdsk.exe,” that’s entrenched on systems for some specific task as data loss are helpful just only to some degree. But, there’s also loss of data scenarios where you will continue to be within the same condition of data loss even after utilizing built in program. Your friends and family would reply with that they’d tried up built-in tools but no positive results were found. So, what you will really suggest them now? Don’t trouble yourself; here’s is wonderful removable disk restore software that could solve problems of data lost through the external hard disks.

It is possible to advise your friends and family unbelievable terrific software that will reunite all the lost files on the hard drives without missing even a single of it, within couple of seconds. If, you’ve any doubt regarding the efficiency of this magnificent removable disk recovery tool, then you can certainly try free trial offer of the application .you can use this trial edition and if you’re consented with functionality of tool then you can certainly buy its full edition as well as you can suggest it your friends.

Extraordinary Characteristics of the Application

  • Brilliant application to rescue files which are lost because of partition error or from RAID 5, RAID0, RAID1, array
  • Software can be acquired at very affordable rates and it also got free trial offer. Free demo version enables you to preview the recovered files that are missing out of your removable hard disk drives.
  • The software is well competent to acquire back all sorts of image files like JPEG, GIF, TIF, JPG, TIFF, etc.
  • It is relevant on all makes and sizes of removable hard drives for instance Hitachi, Western Digital, Seagate Barracuda, WD My Book and several other brands of removable hard drives
  • also supports the revival of the formatted, reformatted, lost, deleted data on all sorts of external hard disk drives
  • This versatile software could recuperate files that are deleted/ lost from various removable drives like iPods, pen drives, Android phones, digital cameras, etc.

Get Back Lost or Deleted Data In Short While from External Drive on Mac

Have you ever lost data from external drive and searching forward to restore data back on Mac OS X? If that is the case then I want to tell you that it is possible to revive data from external drive by making the usage of revival tool. The choice of revival tool ought to be well planned. Just in case, if you choose any ineffective tool then it could cause you plenty. So what exactly you will do in this circumstance to get back your lost data efficiently? Here you can make utilization of Mac OS X File Recovery tool and successfully restore data from external drive on Mac without difficulty. It is trained to execute file recovery on different brands hard disk drive including Buffalo, mega, Hitachi, Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba and Apricorn Aegis on Mac OS X.

Actually, I had been in the same condition. I ejected my external drive without using “safely remove option”. When i connected, my external drive to system couple of days later then there come out a formatting error message on my screen. After encountering this type of issue I was in sorrow and not capable to think, how to handle it next. If I choose formatting then all the data within the drive is erased completely. However, in this particular situation formatting is must. Therefore, I was looking forward for revival of data after format. After a long search, I discovered a tool named Mac OS X File Recovery, by which I effectively revived all my data in an efficient way.

Some popular data loss issues where one can utilize this tool:

  • Virus attack: Whenever you connect external drive to virus infected PC then there is a possibility corruption of data inside the external drive. Often it has occurred when severe viruses enter into external drive then the drive becomes inaccessible for more use. This type of condition results in unplanned formatting issues.
  • File system conversion error: If you convert file system to another as a way to improve system performance and in the meanwhile, if you find any file system conversion errors occurs due to the any causes then it may result in corruption of data with external drive.
  • Sudden shutdown: Once you shutdown the system when external drive is performing read write operation then it may result in corruption of data with the drive. It is simply because of whenever you achieve this then there is a possibility of file system corruption. Once it is corrupted then you become incompetent to gain access the drive data further.

If you face this kind of matter then there is a chance of data loss from external drive. It is not 100% sure that in case you come across this type of condition then you definitely lose data from external drive. But sometimes it has happened then these issues may result in data loss from external drive. Whenever you meet this kind of situation, then there is no requirement to be worry. Simply because Mac OS X File Recovery tool will help you, to perform Mac external hard drive data recovery in an efficient way. For those who have any issue that stuck t in your head then, for additional detail you can check out this link:

Recover Data from Western Digital External Hard Drive

Nowadays most of the people prefer to have an external hard drive to backup and transfer huge amount of data. These drives come with various storage capacities and there are of different brands. The most popular are Western Digital and Seagate external hard drives. All system user’s aware of the internal hard drives, which are used to store the user data files, program files, and operating system. Whereas external hard disk drives are plugged externally whenever required and easily disconnect after using it. The external storage devices are connected to the system through different interfaces. The most commonly used interface is USB port, one can also connect through the FireWire, Ethernet, eSATA ports, etc. It is the most efficient component to preserve and access the data. In some scenarios irrespective of the reliability of the storage device, the data saved on it can to go missing.

The external hard disk drives are the most prominent storage device to preserve all formats of data files, since it is very easy to access the data on these drives. Even these external HDD’s like Western Digital providing safer data storage, but the data from these devices can be lost at some or the other time. Therefore, it ensures that there is no storage device that is absolutely secure from data loss. Due to any scenario, if you loss WD external drive data, then restore western digital external hard drive data with reliable and robust External Hard Drive Recovery tool.

Let us have a look at some data loss scenario on WD external hard drive:

  • Reformatting or Formatting issues: If you formatted or re-formatted your WD drive without any proper backup, then all the data files will be erased from the external hard drive. Hence, this will lead to huge amount of data loss.
  • Unexpected power loss: Western Digital external hard drive on Mac system gets corrupts because of abrupt system shutdown due to sudden power failure on your computer. Therefore, the drive became inaccessible when you plugged into Mac or Windows OS thereby refuses to mount. To restore external hard disk Mac, you can make use of the above pointed utility. It can also restore lost data on all versions of the Windows operating system.
  • Accidental deletion: Accidentally or mistakenly removing some files on the Western Digital external drive, leads to permanent deletion of the important data.
  • Some other reasons: Due to some software conflicts, virus attack, improper file transfer process, etc causes loss of data saved on WD external drive.

There are plenty of other reasons that can lead to loss or deletion of external HD data. Whenever, you face data loss like in the previously pointed scenarios, then use External Hard Drive retrieval utility. The application easily recovers all the missing data files from external hard disks.

Some of the noticeable features of the External HD recovery tool:

  • The software can deeply scan the entire external hard drive instantly and restores all the lost or deleted data files from the Windows as well as Mac based systems.
  • This tool can rescue files based on their unique signatures like file name, extension, size, its data of creation, etc.
  • Restores missing files from FAT, FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS, HFS+, etc successfully.
  • It can also recover media files from other storage devices like WD portable drives, WD my book, WD passport, etc.
  • The External drive restoration tool can be used to unerase files from various other brands of external HDD’s such as Seagate, SanDisk, HP, Iomega, and many more.

You can download the application for demo purpose, so that you can practically experience the data recovery process. If satisfied with its functionality, then purchase its licensed version.