Undelete Emails from Microsoft Outlook

MS Outlook is a popular email client developed for synchronizing all the data files related to email profiles like OVI, Hotmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail and many others. Utilizing MS Outlook application you can manage personal data from email database server such as emails, notes, calendar dates, RSS feeds, contacts and so on. All these data related to email account is stored in computer by creating an Outlook database table called personal storage table.

This MS Outlook software you can create an infinite number of PST profiles with limited storage capacity. Sometimes it happens that data stored in Outlook PST get deleted. In such situations you will be tense and may be searching for solution to the Outlook data loss problems. Deletion of email messages may occur on many situations that may be unfamiliar to you. If you have forgotten to take the backup of data from PST file and have faced deletion of files from Outlook PST then, Just calm down and make use of MS Outlook data recovery software exclusively developed to solve all data loss blunders often happening with Outlook software users.

Some of the email deletion scenarios:

  • Accidental deletion of emails: Sometimes it happens that you may delete some of your vital files from Outlook PST by mistake while deleting unwanted files. While deleting if you make use of Shift + Delete key combination then data deleted will bypass recycle bin leading to data loss.
  • Unfinished Outlook software update: Occasionally MS outlook application gets regular updates, if an interruption occurs while downloading Outlook updates then the PST file becomes corrupt. After repairing the corrupt PST file you may face deletion of important emails and contacts.
  • Third party software conflicts: Usually we make use of third party applications like antivirus application for system security. If data within MS Outlook profile is is infected with viruses then antivirus tool will delete the infected attributes of PST file.
  • Occurrence of bad sector in HDD: Data stored in Bad sector will become inaccessible due to which Outlook application cannot open ¬†files saved in bad sector resulting in missing emails, contact, email attachment, etc.

Precautionary measure to avoid permanent data loss

  • Always try to keep a copy of all data from Outlook PST to prevent data loss.
  • Avoid overwriting of data onto storage unit from where the Outlook PST file is deleted or lost.
  • Utilize Continuous power source to avoid interruption in Outlook data recovery process.

Some of the excellent features of Outlook data recovery tool are:

  • Outlook data recovery software is inbuilt with unique technique to recover the entire deleted or lost Outlook data.
  • This prominent software can easily tackle all the above mentioned data loss scenarios and recovers various types of Outlook attributes with an ease.
  • It is compatible with various Windows operating system versions like Server 2008, VISTA, & XP having minimal system hardware configuration.