How to Fix Sound Issues in Windows 10?

Microsoft has released their new version of operating system i.e., Windows 10 on July 29th 2015. As Microsoft has offered free up gradation to Windows 10 for Windows users, many people have upgraded to Windows 10 and some are upgrading their Windows OS to Windows 10. Windows 10 has brought its own share of inherent bugs, installation problems, and post updating issues including annoying “No sound on Windows 10” problem.

Here is an easy way to fix this issue that is attributed to a flaw in Windows 10 sound settings. It has been confirmed that the lack of sound persists even after installing the correct audio drivers from the OEM or the sound card manufacturer.

Follow below mentioned procedure to fix “No sound issues in Windows 10”:

Step 1: Right click on the sound icon in the task bar, which is located on the right bottom of the screen and select playback devices from the context menu

Step 2: Select the Playback device, which is in current use and by default it should be the speakers. Double click on it in order to open its properties window

Step 3: Now, you will get an advanced section. Here you have to change the bit rate to either of the following – 24bit/44100 Hz or 24bit/192000 Hz – depending upon the speaker configuration

If you are still facing sound issues in Windows 10, even after performing the above explained procedure, then try the below mentioned procedure to restore the sound

Step 1: Launch Start Menu, then search for device manager and then launch it

Step 2: Expand Sound and audio devices

Step 3: Right click on current sound driver and select Uninstall

Step 4: At last, click on Scan for hardware changes and updated driver will be automatically installed

Now, your Windows 10 computer’s speakers would be able to play normally without any sound issues. If the sound is still not working, then download and install the latest sound card drivers for Windows 10 from manufacturer’s website. If you want to know more information about fixing Sound issues in Windows 10, then just check it out here.

How to Update System Drivers Automatically?

The most important application for any computer after computer OS and hard disk are computer drivers. These drivers allow the computer to communicate with hardware devices as it can work in proper manner. Some hardware devices are there which require to install the original form of it, made by its manufacturer only. For every single device on your computer you need to install individual driver on your computer otherwise that device won’t start working. Sometimes your system installs some of the basic drivers automatically by itself which only allows enjoying very limited functionality of the device. Some kinds of hardware applications are also there which are supported by the OS itself, so they don’t need to install additional drivers for example processor, hard disks etc. But some more devices are there which requires updated drivers like printers, scanner, graphics cards etc.

SAM_3102There is always some importance for every driver which is not possible to overlook. Consider one situation like you want to install a new graphics card and you need to install the driver too. Mostly users try to install it from provided CD or DVDs. Mostly these drivers are just out of date which can cause further problems after installation. Usually out of date drivers cause problems like compatibility issues and it also manipulates computer performance.

There are so many hardware manufacturers which releases updated drivers regularly. These drivers can easily overcome all sorts of compatibility facts of software, hardware. They are also able to fix security related facts and increase the performance as compare to its previous version by adding some new features to it. With the installation of all most updated drivers, it will be confirmed that you are getting best performance of ever. But the procedure of up gradation of all drivers is not an easy task at all when you want to keep all of your drivers updated with every new releases of the application. For those users who are not so updated technically, the procedure of driver up gradation manually is quite difficult and time taking procedure to execute which also sometime results in system malfunction or unworkable system.

In regard to the problem and to fix the same there is one solution to update your system drivers automatically and that is the Remo Driver Discover. This is such a tool, capable to scan all computer devices automatically and starts looking for all its updates over internet. This software supports almost one million drivers for up gradation purpose. Whenever any updates come, it automatically downloads and installs those updates of drivers. This user friendly application has feature of backup and restore driver option using which it keeps backup by itself and users can restore them respectively whenever they like to. Its auto up gradation procedure can be scheduled previously and the software increases your PC performances through drive updater software.

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